3 Worthy Things to Look for in Nursery Schools in Johannesburg


Do you think you have your nursery school plan locked down, or are you still touring the circuit?  Choosing from one of the many nursery schools in Johannesburg can be both enjoyable and intimidating. While there are numerous factors to consider when deciding on the right nursery school, regardless of the qualities you’re looking for, start researching early and apply to a few nursery schools, as space is often limited. While your choice of a nursery school in Johannesburg should be based on a variety of factors, here are three to get you started.

#1 Consider Location and Afternoon Care

Nursery schools are as diverse as the children that fill them, which is why it’s important to think about how the nursery school will fit into your daily lifestyle. No one wants to be caught in morning traffic, so choose a nursery school closer to home. Also, it’s important to inquire whether the school offers morning and afternoon care.

#2 Teachers Matter

I think many of us can remember our very first day at nursery school. The way the teacher held your hand and introduced you to the other children. They were patient, they were kind, their voice was gentle, and they made you feel safe. Well, this is the type of teacher you need for your little one. The best teachers are those that are easily able to bond with children, make them feel safe, ask them open-ended questions, encourage them to be inquisitive, and help them interact with each other. The right teachers can encourage shy children to join in and play with others. While many parents want their children to attend a nursery school for enrichment, socialisation, or education, it is important to note that young children also need love and nurturing – and good teachers give them just that. 

#3 Educational Philosophies

While location, reputation, and teachers are important factors to consider, what’s even more important is the type of educational philosophy you’d like your child to experience. Make sure to evaluate how the school approaches learning. Is it more based more on play or academics? Some nursery schools follow specific educational models, such as the Montessori method, the Waldorf approach, abacus maths and multi-sensory learning techniques. Be specific about what you want, and it will make your choice easier.

A Proven Innovator of International Early Childhood Education

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