3 Easy Tips top find the best Creche in Sandton


Choose a Creche in Sandton to Secure the Best Education for Your Little One with 3 Easy Tips

Are you a working parent looking to enrol your little person at a crèche in Sandton but not sure where to send them or even if you should put them in a preschool? Kindergarten is a fundamental steppingstone to primary school and enrolling your little one into a creche in Sandton will prepare them socially, emotionally, and academically for primary school and life. However, not all creches are equal.

Today, we live in a highly competitive world and getting ahead in life starts with early academic excellence.  To equip your child to thrive in the job market one day, you want them to grow into a confident and educated adult with a versatile skill set and an optimistic work ethic. For this reason, you must invest in the best education, starting early with a creche. Here are the only tips you need to find the best top tier creche in Sandton for your precious future architect, doctor, surgeon, lawyer, or teacher.

3 Easy Tips top find the best Creche in Sandton:

  1. Decide on the Educational Philosophy

As a parent, it is your job to give your little one the best foundation possible. However, choosing a creche is a big decision as not all preschools are the same. While price, safety and cleanliness are vital decision-makers, the type of curriculum is always foremost. For instance, are you looking for a creche where your little one can play, eat and sleep? Or are you looking for a school that can get your little one ready for Grade 1, improve their self-esteem, build their speaking skills, develop their imagination, encourage problem-solving, and promote a lifelong love of learning? Ultimately, your decision has a significant impact on your child’s personal and educational growth.

  1. Licensing and ISASA Accreditation

Once you have a shortlist of at least two schools in Sandton, double-check whether they are registered with the Department of Education or ISASA accredited. That means the school meets the standard educational requirements and complies with health and safety standards. Further, ISASA accredited means the school provides a structured, nurturing, and disciplined environment with smaller classes than a public school to provide individual attention to pupils. It also means that the school only employs educators with teaching qualifications.

  1. Qualified Teachers who are Friendly and Patient

Teachers play a vital role in the emotional and mental growth of young children. They spend time with your child, so their habits rub off on your child. That is why parents must get to know the teachers that will spend every day with their children, interacting and teaching them right from wrong. To ensure you have the right fit, look for loving and nurturing teachers, as this always translates into patience, empathy, compassion, and love.

And there you have it – the only three tips you need to secure the best creche in Sandton with the most outstanding academic program for your child. Contact us to find out more about our leading program.