Crèches and Nursery Schools Sandton


Living in Sandton? Give Your Child the Best Start with ISASA-Accredited Crèches and Nursery Schools

Are you looking for accredited crèches and nursery schools in Sandton? You have come to just the right place. Finding your child’s first school can be a daunting process. You are bound to feel the stress of having to choose the perfect starter school for your child. After all, this is the very first introduction that your child will have to education, and it needs to be a good fit.

We all know that a young child absorbs information at a rapid rate. In the crèche and nursery school age group, children are very impressionable and for this reason, it is important for parents to focus on finding a school that offers an environment where their children will feel happy and safe, and will also be stimulated, guided, and assisted in their quest to learn about the world and develop their skills.

When comparing crèches and nursery schools in Sandton, you will find that ours stands out from the rest. Our school is ISASA-accredited, which means that we operate according to a certain, set standard and with strict ethics. As part of this independent private schools’ association, we guarantee an exceptional education for your child, and any other children that enter our classrooms. Our educational focuses is on Montessori and various other international educational systems. This will provide you child with the best possible start to their schooling.

Our educators are all child-focused and dedicated to help each child learn in their own way. This ensures that your child gets the personalised attention that they deserve and that no crèche or nursery school in our group ever just functions as a day-care facility. While we will provide exceptional childcare, our focus is on education and ensuring that children are able to develop cognitively and socially, before they start with “big school”.

At FasTracKids, we are unlike other crèches and nursery schools in Sandton and Johannesburg. We provide high-quality early-childhood development education programmes for children aged one year to eight years of age. Each class is presented with a goal in mind and that is to help your child to capitalise on resources and excel in every field of study. Each child is encouraged to participate and will be assisted in the areas of creativity, communication, confidence, critical thinking, and collaboration. With such a well-rounded start to their education, you can expect your child to handle the years to follow with confidence, thanks to a good understanding of the basics.

Promoting leadership and personal growth is something that all our educators are dedicated to. We look forward to every class that we teach, and this can be seen in the way we interact with the children and, of course, how happy the kids are to return to us each morning. When it comes to crèches and nursery schools in Sandton, we believe that we are truly a class apart. We welcome all parents looking for the best start for their child to pay us a visit or get in touch with us via email or telephone for further information.