A Day Care in Sandton that Can Offer Your Child a Well-Rounded Childhood Education


Are you a parent in Sandton facing the dilemma of sending your little one to a day care, or hiring a nanny to watch over him during the day while you work? As a parent, it’s hard letting go of your little one, not only are there feelings of guilt, but there are also feelings of fear for your young one. Will they fit in, and will they cry for you and miss you? While it’s quite normal for parents to experience a rollercoaster of emotions, the truth is that sending your little one off to day care can be a huge benefit, not just for you, but for your little one too. Here’s why you should send your little one to the leading day care in Sandton – FasTracKids.

We Prepare Children for the 21st Century

Situated in the heart of Sandton, we’re an exclusive ISASA accredited day care that offers children from the ages of 1 to 8 an outstanding childhood education. With the belief that every child deserves a good stepping stone, which starts from a very young age, we prepare young children for the 21st century by building a foundation for learning, and by opening windows of opportunities. Placing great emphasis on school readiness, our curriculum follows a combination of a Montessori educational system, using the educational zigzagging method, multi-sensory learning techniques, and abacus maths, as well as other highly respected educational systems.

Multi-Sensory Learning Techniques 

They say that if a child is not learning in the way in which you teach, then teach the child in the way in which they learn the best, and that is exactly what you can expect from our day care in Sandton. We focus on what we call the four Cs, critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. Multi-sensory learning techniques are all about using sound, vision, perception, touch, movement, doing, balance, taste, and smell to teach and help children to remember. Highly internationally praised techniques used to encourage children to want to learn, multi-sensory learning techniques allow for each child to use more than one of their senses to process, understand, and remember, which is exactly how learning should be. 

Abacus Maths

Not many children enjoy maths, which can be a huge problem for when they reach primary school. Abacus maths is an arithmetic method considered to be one of the fastest ways of calculating and learning maths. Not only does abacus maths boost better and faster calculation skills, but it also develops confidence and self-esteem, enhances stronger mental visualisation skills, develops problem-solving abilities, improves endurance for stress and pressure, sharpens concentration and observance, and teaches clearer logical reasoning. After working on an abacus for a while, your child will be able to perform calculations in their mind at a highly accelerated speed, without a calculator.

We Empower Children to be Confident and Independent

As a proven innovator of 21st century international early childhood education, we are committed to empowering young children to be successful in life by teaching them to be confident, to share, to be assertive, to be fair, to voice their opinions without fear, and most importantly, to respect one another. For a well-rounded education that will open windows of opportunity for your child in Sandton, contact us today. Enrolments are now open.