Give Your Child the Best Learning Environment in Our Preschool in Sandton


Every child deserves the opportunity to learn and develop into a well-balanced person. Social interaction in a fun learning environment helps the child to develop core cognitive, motor, and social skills, which will form the foundation for their education. Therefore, when you are looking for preschools in Sandton, your core motivation should be to find a preschool that offers such an environment.

Look for ISASA-accredited preschools in Sandton that uphold high-quality education in loving and caring environments, where children associate learning and socialising with fun.

If a child experiences their world as exciting, it encourages them to explore and develop confidence. However, the child also needs to feel safe and secure, which is what the preschool of your choice in Sandton must provide.

FasTracKids is an ISASA-accredited Parkmore preschool that caters to the various learning styles of children by following the Educational Zigzagging Method. With such, children learn through visual, auditory, exposure, and kinaesthetic methods. When your child is enrolled at our preschool, he or she will thus learn in various ways, instead of just audio and visual.

We are one of the exclusive preschools in Sandton that offers children a wide range of activities to encourage whole-person development. Activities range from karate, boot camp and kiddies’ golf to, music, ballet, maths, and modern dancing. True to our commitment to create stimulating learning environments in which school readiness is developed, we follow a unique theme every month. The themes range from science and literature, to astronomy, biology, transport, communication, and biology.

Few preschools in Sandton offer such a comprehensive curriculum, without putting pressure on children to learn. We believe that learning takes various forms, and doing so in an environment that is safe, secure, and fun is extremely important to develop a lifelong passion for learning, thinking, socialising, and exploring.

FasTracKids offers a neat and safe play area where children can enjoy the outdoors under responsible supervision. Your child’s safety is ensured with our fingerprint access control system and CCTV monitoring. The school hours are also convenient, making it possible for you to drop-off your child before work, and have the assurance that your child is in good care during the day, while also being able to learn and enjoy every moment of it.

We have regular excursions, such as water fun days, reptile shows, travel farms, meet the grandparents, sleep-outs, and jumping castles. With such fun activities forming part of their lives, they develop a keen interest in their surroundings, foster a positive attitude towards learning, and Improve their social interaction skills.

Not many preschools can boast such modern and innovative learning facilities as FasTracKids. We understand that your child grows up in a world full of technology. We thus make use of modern technology to assist in learning activities and preparing your child for the educational environments of today and tomorrow.

Our preschool boasts a superb location just off Sandton Drive, which also makes it extremely convenient for you as a parent. We are one of the most accessible preschools in Sandton for parents working in the Sandton CBD, and with the close proximity of top private schools, your child can progress from our preschool to one of the leading private schools in the country.

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