Leading Nursery School in Sandton


2 Reasons to Enrol Your Little One into the Leading Nursery School in Sandton

The year is almost over, which means it is time to think about enrolling your little cherub into a nursery school near your home in Sandton. You know your little one is more than ready to meet new friends and start learning, but you’re undecided about where to send them. Should you enrol them in a standard daycare where young kids play, eat, sing, sleep, and watch cartoons? On the other hand, should you send them to an internationally accredited nursery school with a highly distinguished academic curriculum, like FasTracKids in Sandton? If you’re on the fence, here’s why Sandton parents choose the ‘Princeton of Preschools’ – FasTracKids.

Top 2 Reasons why Sandton Parents Choose FasTracKids – Leading Nursery School in Sandton

  1. We Combine a Montessori Education with Multi-Sensory Techniques and Abacus Maths

Located in the heart of Sandton, FasTracKids is an exclusive ISASA accredited nursery school that offers childhood education programs from one to eight years old. Distinguished for providing a consistently high-quality teaching approach that engages all your child’s senses, the curriculum at FasTracKids makes learning fun and interactive. We do this by combining the Montessori educational system with multi-sensory learning techniques, Abacus math, the zigzagging method, and focusing on what we call the four C’s: critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

  1. We Encourage the Development of Unique Skills

At FasTracKids, we believe that building unique skills at a young age is fundamental, which is why our program empowers children to think, explore, question, wonder – and learn how to learn. Besides promoting social and emotional development, instilling good social values and morals, and supporting children’s intellectual and language development and communication skills, our nursery school provides a top-tier curriculum that teaches language, art, music, math, and problem-solving. Our program is also highly beneficial to every kind of learner, including those with autistic spectrum disorders, attention deficit, behavioural difficulties, and dyslexia.

We Teach Music, Karate, Golf, Ballet and Modern Dancing

Renowned as the ‘Princeton of Preschools’, our academic philosophy offers an educational advantage unlike any other nursery school in Sandton. Not only do we teach children what to learn, but we show them how to learn and that learning new things is exciting. Encouraging a much easier transfer of information, instruction, and knowledge, we follow an Astronomy, Biology, Communication, Transport, Things that Float, Science, and Literature theme each month. We also offer daily extra-mural activities like music, karate, golf, and ballet and modern dancing.

To enquire more about our leading international curriculum, our extra-mural activities, or our Open Day, chat with one of our friendly staff.