Looking at Crèches in Sandton? Here Are 3 Reasons to Choose FasTracKids


It’s that time of the year again when everyone is rushing to get their little ones enrolled in the very best crèche possible. For parents, it’s never easy letting go. In fact, it’s human nature to want the very best for your child and while leaving them at home with your devoted domestic worker may have worked for you over the past year or two – have you ever considered that another year could be doing them more harm than good?

As a loving parent, it’s only natural to want your little one to grow into someone great, powerful, strong, intelligent and confident. In fact, if truth be told, most parents are already planning their little one’s future before they’ve even been born. Yes, it’s every parent’s desire to give their little one a head-start in life and while we all want our children to turn into successful adults, it’s important to accept that they are more than ready to start learning from the tender age of one. If you’re a parent of a young child living in and around the Johannesburg area and are looking for crèches in Sandton, then turn your attention to FasTracKids.

#1 We Offer a Montessori Educational System 

Situated in Sandton, our crèche is an exclusive school that is proud to offer the very finest early-childhood education in Johannesburg. As a proven innovator of international early-childhood education, not only do we offer programmes from the ages of one to eight, but we also encourage children to discover a love of learning in a fun and interactive setting, by offering the very finest combination of a Montessori educational system. Using multi-sensory learning techniques and other highly respected educational systems used throughout the globe – we can offer your child the very best curriculum in Sandton.

#2 We Focus on Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration 

By focussing on what we call the four Cs: critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration, our techniques not only encourage a much easier transfer of information, instruction and knowledge, but they also generate a greater capacity for learning, which makes children want to learn and achieve more. Using visual (sight), auditory (hearing), kinaesthetic (touch and balance), gustatory (taste) and olfactory (smell) senses to teach and help children to remember, we simply give children a wide and strong foundation for learning by making sure that their learning is fun and enjoyable, which allows them to remember much easier.

#3 We Offer Abacus Maths Classes

An arithmetic method based on the principles of abacus calculation, abacus maths is the fastest way of calculating and is a technique that every child should learn to master from an early age. Sometimes faster than a calculator, our abacus maths classes gift young learners the opportunity to shine in the language of maths, as well as provide a solid foundation for learning the language of maths in primary and high school.

At FasTracKids, we believe that education should be fun and enjoyable, and our crèche in Sandton empowers children to think, explore, question, wonder and learn how to learn. If you’re looking for crèches in Sandton, there really is no better crèche than FasTracKids. To learn more about our crèche in Sandton, chat to us today.