Nursery Schools in Sandton


Here’s How to Sift the Elite Nursery Schools out from the Standard Ones

Thinking of sending your little one to nursery school next year? All parents want the best for their children, and while leaving them at home with the nanny may work for you, it is not always best for them. While we all want our little ones to be successful in life, it’s important to accept that children are more than ready to start learning from the age of one, and as a parent, it’s your duty to afford them the opportunity.

Celebrated as the key growing period of a human life in terms of emotional, intellectual, physical and social development, childhood is the time when a child’s brain growth is at its peak potential. You see, during the first five years of a child’s life, children are able to soak up more information at a time than what an adult can. In fact, this is the best time to introduce languages, reading, maths, writing and memory skills. What this tells us is that if you want to give your little one a head start in life, then you need to enrol them in a high-quality nursery school. But choosing a nursery school that is a good fit is never an easy choice. As a parent who only wants the very best for their child, here’s how to sift the elite out from the standard.

#1 Examine Their Educational Philosophy

Parents want nothing more than to see their children become successful adults, but in order to help them achieve greatness, it is important to give them the best possible foundation. While the location of the school is definitely an important criterion when choosing nursery schools, educational philosophy is first and foremost. Unfortunately, not all nursery schools in Sandton are created equal. While some offer a standardised social education, others focus on Montessori and multi-sensory learning techniques, which place great emphasis on creativity, confidence, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. Yes, educational philosophy is very important, so be sure to choose a nursery school in Sandton that can meet all your expectations.

#2 Make Sure They Offer Abacus Maths

If you had a love-hate relationship with maths, chances are high that so will your kids. An important subject that can get you very far in life – not only is maths difficult, but it can also be incredibly boring. Gifting young learners with the opportunity to shine in the language of maths from a really young age, abacus maths is an arithmetic method based on the principles of abacus calculation. Hailed as one of the fastest and easiest ways of calculating and learning maths, make sure that the nursery school you choose can offer this from a young age, as it will give them a head start, as well as make learning maths enjoyable.

We Develop Happy, Healthy, Confident and Independent Children

When it comes to choosing nursery schools in Sandton, it is of vital importance to do your homework. Not only will the right high-quality learning environment develop your little one’s emotional, intellectual and social skills, but it will also keep them feeling safe and happy. If you’re a parent of a young child living in and around Johannesburg and are looking for nursery schools in Sandton, then turn your attention to our FasTracKids.

At FasTracKids, we teach children to be confident, to respect each other, to play cooperatively, to share, to be assertive, and to voice their opinions. For a well-rounded education that will benefit your child, contact us today. Enrolments are now open!