One of the Best Preparatory Schools in Johannesburg


Important Reasons to Enrol Your Child in One of the Best Preparatory Schools in Johannesburg 

It is essential to give your child a head start early on in life, which is why choosing one of the best preparatory schools in Johannesburg should be a priority.

Below are three reasons for enrolling your child in a preparatory school to prepare them for elementary school.

Supportive environment and the opportunity for development of skills

Your child will enter a structured environment when they go to school. As such, they need an introduction to a structured setting where they will need to socialise and work in a group setting. We provide a safe and supportive environment in which they can learn how to follow instructions and gain familiarity with the elementary school environment.

Encouragement of healthy social and emotional development

Children cannot learn if they feel insecure and scared. To develop confidence, they need to become familiar with their surroundings and the structure of learning. However, this must be done in a fun and exciting environment, where they are encouraged to explore, interact with teachers and other children, and develop social skills. We provide such an environment, and also provide parents with feedback. It is a positive environment where children learn how to resolve conflicts, solve problems, and to care.

Opportunity to develop decision-making skills

If all decisions are made for children, they never learn to make healthy choices. By enrolling your child in one of the preparatory schools in Johannesburg where children get opportunities to make healthy choices, you help your child to gain confidence in making the right choices.

Your child will develop important cognitive, motor, and language skills. In addition, he will develop a keen interest in learning, if enrolled in a preparatory school where the different ways children learn are recognised and facilitated.

Give your child the opportunity to prepare for elementary school without feeling pressured. Create a love for learning by enrolling your child in one of the best preparatory schools in Johannesburg.