Pre-primary Schools Sandton


How to Choose the Best Pre-primary Schools in Sandton

Looking for one of many distinguished pre-primary schools in Sandton, but not sure how to make your decision? Back in the day, we simply went to the closest preschool down the road from our home, and painted, ate, played in the outdoor entertainment area, slept, watched some cartoons on DVD, and waited for our parents to fetch us. But today, things are a lot different. Today, things have become far more competitive than ever before, which means parents need to really pull out all the stops if they want their little ones to stand out from the crowd.


Decisions, Decisions, and More Decisions

Decisions regarding the best pre-primary school for your child can sometimes be tough. When you think about it, this is a crucial stage of a child’s development, and proper pre-primary schools with the right facilities are of the utmost importance to ensure the positive development of a child. In fact, many experts believe that your child’s future depends on it, and that children who attend top-class pre-primary schools are not only academically and socially prepared for primary school and high school, but they also grow up to be much more responsible adults than those who never attended preschool. So, here you find yourself on the fence about where to send your child next year, and with that said, here is how to choose one of the best pre-primary schools in the Sandton area.


Multisensory Learning Techniques – The Best Way to Learn

They say if a child is not learning the way you teach, then teach the child in the way they learn best, and that is exactly the type of pre-primary school you should be looking at. It must be understood that no child is the same, and where some children learn better through reading, others learn better through doing, and this is where multi-sensory learning techniques are so beneficial.

By focussing on the four C’s: critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration, multi-sensory learning techniques are renowned for their many benefits, such as encouraging a much easier transfer of information, instruction, and knowledge, and generating a greater capacity for learning. Instead of focusing on normal play, such as painting, playing on the playground, and watching movies, multi-sensory learning techniques offer activities, such as astronomy, ballet, biology, boot camp, communication, golf, karate, literature, abacus maths, modern dancing, music, and science.

In essence, multi-sensory learning techniques not only help to develop all young children through creative thinking and problem solving, but it builds their communication and speaking skills, which promotes leadership and personal growth.

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