Pre-school in Parkmore


Top Reasons to Send Your Child to our FasTracKids Pre-school in Parkmore

It’s the desire of every parent to see their little one grow up and achieve greatness. In fact, the moment that they take their very first breath, we’re already dreaming about their future. Every parent wants nothing more than to see their children excel and become successful adults. But in order to help them achieve this, we have to give them the best foundation possible, and it all starts with a good pre-school education.

Yes, big dreams begin at pre-school! Apart from home, school is the most important place in the lives of children. This is the one place where children learn the most about themselves and what they are capable of achieving. A child’s experience at school can determine their entire academic, social and occupational future, which is why as a parent, the best thing that you can do is to help them prepare for what lies ahead.

If you’re a parent of a young child in Johannesburg, then you’ve probably heard about our FasTracKids pre-school in Parkmore. Considered as the “Princeton of Pre-schools”, FasTracKids is a private, high-quality pre-school at the forefront of international childhood education. A stepping stone that will get your little one ready for the school of life, our FasTracKids pre-school is beneficial in so many ways.

We Encourage Emotional and Social Development

A proven fact, early childhood is the key developing period of a human life. This is the time when a child’s brain growth is at its peak potential, which is why from the early ages of one to six, a high-quality learning environment is extremely beneficial. At FasTracKids, we offer children the opportunity to develop social and emotional maturity, as they learn to play co-operatively, follow instructions, compromise, share, voice their opinions, be assertive and solve conflicts.

We Promote Skills Development with Multi-sensory Learning Techniques

At FasTracKids, we’re extremely committed to encouraging every child to maximise their full potential and offer the very finest combination of a Montessori educational system, using multi-sensory learning techniques and other highly respected educational systems used throughout the globe. They say that if a child is not learning through the way in which you teach, then change your teaching methods and teach the child in the way in which he/she learns best, and that’s what you can expect from multi-sensory learning techniques. By focussing on what we call the four Cs: critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration, our curriculum is renowned for encouraging a much easier transfer of information, instruction and knowledge, and generating a greater capacity for learning.

Give Your Child a Head Start in Life with FasTracKids

Building different skills at a young age is fundamental to a child’s overall growth and if we are going to prepare children for the future, we need to show them that learning is fun. As a proven innovator of 21st century international early childhood education, we believe that education should be fun and enjoyable, and our programme empowers children to think, explore, question, wonder and learn how to learn. Offering the best of both worlds – sound values and morals, and academic excellence, we simply offer an early childhood that is second to none. To learn more about our pre-school in Parkmore, contact us today!