How a Preschool Can Get Your Little One Primary-School Ready


Got your eye on a primary school, but not sure if your little one is primary-school ready yet? It’s never easy letting go… and we’re not even talking about the children. As a parent, it is human nature to want the very best for your child and while leaving them at home with the nanny may have worked for you for the past year or two – it could very well be holding your little one back.

It’s every parent’s responsibility to give their little one a head start in life and one of the best ways to do this is by sending them to preschool. Yes, preschool is brilliant for young children. Proven through years of research and studies, it is a fact that children who attend preschool are not only academically and socially prepared for primary school, but they also become much more responsible teenagers and adults. Still on the fence about it? Then keep reading to learn more.

Promotes Better Reading and Literacy Skills

Did you know that the size of a child’s vocabulary and social skills are directly linked to their early education? Playing a fundamental role in the development of children, many studies have gone on to prove that the first five years of a child’s life has the greatest impact in terms of developing their learning capabilities. It is a fact that between the ages of three and five, a child’s vocabulary grows from 900 to 2 500 words, which is why a language-rich environment is more than essential to a child’s overall development. Children who attend preschool enter primary school with much better reading and literacy skills than those who don’t.

Supports Emotional and Social Development

Fact and not fiction, childhood is the key growing period of a human life in terms of emotional, intellectual, physical and social development. Childhood is the age when a human brain is at its peak potential, which is why from the early ages of one to six, your child must be in a high-quality learning environment to influence and develop their emotional, intellectual and social skills. For these reasons, one cannot underestimate the importance of early social interaction in groups. This is where young children develop a sense of respect for others, and learn the difference between right and wrong, as well as learn how to play co-operatively, share, compromise, follow instructions, solve conflicts and voice their opinions.

Give Your Child a Head Start in Life with FasTracKids

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