Preschools in Sandton Area


Top Tips to Choosing Between Preschools in the Sandton Area

Are you contemplating whether to send your little one to preschool next year? Recognised as most important developmental period of human life in terms of emotional, intellectual, physical and social development, childhood is when the human brain is at its peak potential. What this tells us is that if you want to give your little one a head start in life, then you need to enrol them in preschool.

But choosing a preschool in the Sandton area is not an easy choice. Not only are there many to choose from, but because this is the most impressionable time of a child’s life, choosing the wrong preschool could tarnish your little one’s impression of education for life. So, with that said, here are our top tips to choosing preschools in the Sandton area that’s right for both you and your little one.

#1 Find a Preschool that Offers a Montessori Educational System

While price and location are important factors to consider when choosing a preschool, what’s even more important is the type of preschool encounter you’d like your child to experience. Every child deserves a good stepping stone, but not all preschools in Sandton are created equal. While some offer the standard level of preschool education, there are others that focus on the Montessori educational system. Yes, educational philosophy should always be first and foremost, which is why you need to choose a preschool that can offer your child the best educational experience possible, which can only be found with the Montessori educational system.

#2 Multi-Sensory Learning Techniques 

It is a well-regarded fact that all children process information differently. Yes, no child is the same, and while some learn better through reading, others learn and remember better through sound, colour and play – and this is where multi-sensory learning techniques are so beneficial.

Based on the premise that some children learn, understand and remember best when the information that they are given is presented in a variety of modalities, multi-sensory learning techniques is all about using sound, sight, touch, movement, taste, and smell to teach and help children to remember. By focussing on critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration, multi-sensory learning techniques not only encourage a much easier transfer of information, instruction and knowledge, but these techniques also generate a greater capacity for learning, which makes children want to learn and achieve more.

It’s the desire of every parent to see their child grow into a successful adult, but to help them get there, it’s important to give them the best foundation possible – this is exactly why FasTracKids exists. Situated in Sandton, we’re proud to offer the very finest early childhood education in Johannesburg. As a proven innovator of international early childhood education, not only do we offer programmes from the ages of one to eight years old, but we also encourage children to discover a love of learning in a fun and interactive setting by offering the very finest combination of a Montessori educational system.

Using multi-sensory learning techniques and other highly respected educational systems used throughout the globe – we simply give young children a head start in life.