Sandton Nursery Schools – Preparing Children for the 21st Century


Did you know that the size of a child’s vocabulary and social skills is directly linked to their early education? Considered as the most crucial period of human life in terms of emotional, intellectual, physical and social development, early education is vital to prepare children for success in school and life. In fact, children who attend nursery schools are not only more academically and socially prepared for life, but they also grow up to be much more responsible adults than those who never attended nursery school.

Not all Nursery Schools Are Equal 

So now that you know how important early childhood education is, you’re going to need to find a good nursery school for your little one. Not sure what to look for? If you’re looking for nursery schools in and around the Sandton area that can prepare your child for the 21st century, then you need to turn your attention to FasTracKids. While some nursery schools in Johannesburg offer a standardised education where children spend their day eating, playing, singing, sleeping and watching movies, there are high-quality nursery schools that place great significance on communication, critical-thinking, numeracy, leadership, problem-solving and speaking skills – which is exactly what you can expect from FasTracKids.

As one of the leading nursery schools in Sandton and as a proven innovator of international early childhood education, we offer the very finest combination of a Montessori educational system, using multi-sensory learning techniques, and other highly respected educational systems. Offering programmes for children from the ages of one to eight years old, many children who attend our nursery school have their lives changed for the better. Here’s how our nursery school can prepare your child for the 21st century.

We Teach Multi-Sensory Learning Techniques

They that say if a child is not learning through the method of your instruction, then teach the child using the way in which they learn best. This is exactly what you can expect from our Sandton nursery school! With the belief that no child is the same, we encourage children to discover a love of learning in a fun and interactive setting. By focusing on critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration, our techniques not only encourage a much easier transfer of information, but they also generate a greater capacity for learning.

We Teach and Encourage Intellectual Skills

Intellectual skill building from a young age is fundamental to a child’s overall development, and our nursery school in Sandton offers a high-quality curriculum which places great emphasis on problem-solving skills, literacy, maths and art. Through a variety of fun activities and projects, we teach children to exercise their creativity and improve their language abilities, as well as how to  develop their gross and fine motor skills, solve math problems with diligence while working with others, and how to follow direction.

At FasTracKids, we believe that education should be fun, enjoyable, and also educational, thus our nursery school in Sandton inspires children to want to learn how to learn. If you’re looking for nursery schools in Sandton that can prepare your child for the 21st century, there really is no better nursery school than FasTracKids. To learn more about our high-quality curriculum, rates and hours, chat to us today.