GRADE 0 – 3

FasTracKids Preparatory welcomes you and your child to the Foundation Phase.

We continue to  focus on your child’s personalised learning journey and look forward to having them join us in the Preparatory School.

The focus is a personalised learning experience and journey in a flexible learning environment whereby we develop children’s self esteem, independence and confidence.
Our classes are small (Ratio: 1:12)  and provide a safe, focused and gentle approach to new  concepts and ideas.

We are able to focus on enrichment and bridging gaps in English and Mathematics.

Practical based learning using Montessori equipment and specialised classroom materials suited to the child’s development gives the child a chance to keep learning practical and hands on.  Gardening, beading, music, threading, Lego, counters, puzzles, block building, books, play dough, practical life play and much more forms part of the day.

The main focal points in the day continue to be independence, communication, creativity and critical thinking skills.

Classes are theme based whilst outcomes are achieved in each learning area (English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Maths, LO, Sciences, Technology & Physical Education ).

Includes extra murals like Build Em Brix, Music, and Manner for Minors, Woodwork and Art. Additional extra murals are available after 13:30.

Technology based classroom setting where each class is fitted with an interactive Smart Board.

Class time: 07:30-13:30 daily. Homework period: 13:30-14:30 daily.

Left to right: Maddi, Sherylee & Sandra

01 - Madalaine 02 - Sherylee 14 - Sandra