We are proud that our families want to share their pride and satisfaction with their child’s experiences in FasTracKids®. Our latest worldwide parent survey which was given to existing FasTracKids parents, asked “would you recommend FasTracKids to your friends and family?”  Over 97% of parents said yes they would!

We are honored to know that FasTracKids makes an everlasting impact on the wonderful minds of our students.  See what some of our students and schools have to say about our fun, early childhood programs:

Nkosana got the best foundation in the most important stages of his life. From the moment my sister’s children attended FTK, I knew it was home to me and I didn’t even think twice when I had my own children.

I just wanted to thank you and all the teachers for positively influencing Nkosana. I’ve seen growth in him and he has so much confidence from what you embedded in him.

Bernadine, I’m glad that you carefully selected your staff because they are all so gentle, patient and loving. My son sings praises of his teachers and to me that shows the love and warmth he’s receiving from them.

Nkosana Pre-Grade 000

We really appreciate everything that you taught Paul. He is in grade one and is top of his class. His first term report is just amazing. Thank you for the foundation.

Paul - Grade 0

Update on Leonardo’s adventure to Valencia, Spain.
Leonardo has now been in his new school and country for 3 months and has hit the ground running.  He has a reader every week which he has to read and also reads in school with his classmates in small groups and to the teacher, he tells me. (Thank you teacher Amy for starting with pre-reading words and phonics last year).  He still often speaks fondly of his Fastrack family and misses everyone there. He sends big squishy hugs to all.

Leo - Grade 0

Words cannot express how grateful I am that you all have taken such great care of Ewan the last 2 years. Your love and support will forever remain in our hearts.

Ewan- Grade 1

A massive thanks from our side for another wonderful year at FTK. Teacher Filly you have played such an important role in Leyla’s year. She adores you and have learned so much. Thank you for your love, care and dedication! We appreciate you!

Leyla- Grade 000

I wanted to also thank you for the time she spent at Fastrackids.

Zoe started when she was one year two months and would come for part time programs once a week. I remember she was doing sign language. I saw how this helped her communicate her needs as she was still young and preverbal but it really helped alleviate her frustrations and helped me meet her physical and emotional needs. This meant a lot to me as a parent. I lived in Roodepoort at the time but this experience made me realize this was the right space for us and my daughter’s development.

I also want to mention how I left my daughter for full day at Tots play. She loved it. I loved seeing her so happy. It made my day and showed me I was leaving my daughter in a safe environment. The teachers did more than take care of my daughter. I felt held and supported by the teachers as a working mother through my own anxieties and feelings of guilt about working and being a mother. Fastrackids was there for my daughter in a most meaningful way. I observed my daughter grow in confidence and would greet her friends and their parents as if they were her siblings and aunts. The school gave her a big family and it truly was home from another home for her. The attention and emotional sensitivity teachers showed is truly amazing. My daughter always requested a sandwich or whatever they were eating at school when we went home. Initially I felt bad and thought she liked the food and I tried to make her the same at home but she did not show same interest. I realised that it was an emotional and psychological attachment. It had a symbolic meaning for my daughter. It was her way of saying see you tomorrow to her school and that she was going to hold on to what the school represented for her. It represented nurturing and its where she was fed also emotionally.

She is now in big school and adjusted well. I am also proud to say she learnt so much and is ahead really. The name Fastrackids is truly resonant. She can read and write. She is confident and does not shy away from challenge. Thanks very much once again Fastrackids Sandton from the welcome at the gate, teachers and food maker.

You are the best to me as a mother and to my daughter. A special thanks to you Bernadine for making this possible. Thank you.

Zoe - Grade 00

The foundation he has received at FasTracKids the past two years has been phenomenal, which has allowed him to progress to such an extent that he was accepted into a remedial school and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you for all your love and support of Ewan, we really do appreciate it.

Ewan - Grade 2

This is to express our gratitude to FasTracKids for being a second home to Aiden.

Aiden - Holiday Care

Good day dear teacher B and teacher Simone,

Thank you for awarding Lester the shining star in the celebration concert day. We feel so proud of him and very grateful for you teachers’ dedication.

Lester has been in the warm family FTK for about 2 years. We can see very big progress on his language, personalities and all other aspects. From us all his achievements(not sure if I can use the word J ) is inseparable from teachers’ dedication.

I would wish you all the best in your work.

Good health and good luck in the coming year 2017.

Thank you & Regards

Lester’s Dad and Mom


“Thank you all so much for your wonderful work with Emma since she started in Tot’s-she has grown so much which has been so amazing to watch!

Bernadine, FTK is an excellent school and it is so great that you are expanding next year! I really am glad Emma was able to join FTK!”

Emma - Grade 000