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" /> A Nursery in Sandton to Prepare Your Child for the 21st Century - FasTracKids – Sandton A Nursery in Sandton to Prepare Your Child for the 21st Century


A Nursery in Sandton to Prepare Your Child for the 21st Century

Looking to enrol your little one into the Princeton of preschools? Many studies show that the first five years of a child’s life have the greatest impact in terms of developing their character. Children’s brains are like sponges that are able to absorb more information at a time than what an adult can, which affirms that their brains are ripe for education.

Many children who attend a premium nursery curriculum have their lives changed for the better. In fact, in-depth studies have proven that children who attended a high-class nursery curriculum were not only academically and socially prepared for primary and high school, but they also became better responsible teenagers and adults, and were known to achieve greatness later in life.

If you are a parent of a young child living in Johannesburg looking for a nursery in Sandton at the forefront of education, then you need to look at FasTracKids in Sandton. Considered as the Princeton of preschools, our nursery in Sandton offers early childhood education programmes that begin from the ages of 1 to 8 years old.

How our FasTracKids Nursery in Sandton Can Benefit Your Child

At FasTracKids, we give the best of both worlds – intellectual excellence, and sound values and morals. As a proven innovator of 21st century international early childhood education, we provide an educational advantage by encouraging children to discover a love of learning in a fun and interactive way. By offering the very finest combination of a Montessori educational system, using multi-sensory learning techniques and other highly respected educational systems used throughout the globe – we can offer your child the very best nursery curriculum in Sandton.

We Teach and Encourage Different Skills

The building of intellectual, language and communication skills from a young age is fundamental to a child’s overall development. Our FasTracKids nursery in Sandton offers a preschool curriculum that not only helps children expand their knowledge and increase their vocabulary, numeracy and social skills, but we also focus on problem-solving skills. With great emphasis placed on teaching literacy, math, art and communication through a variety of fun activities and projects, we teach children how to follow directions and solve problems with diligence, while working with others. Ultimately, we teach children how to learn and that learning is fun.

Good Social Values and Morals

At FasTracKids, we believe in developing happy, healthy, confident, smart, independent and aspiring 21st century children who will one day lead the future of our country and planet. By placing great focus on cleanliness, integrity, kindness and confidence – we simply offer our kids a healthy, loving and nurturing environment that places great emphasis on good social values and morals. By encouraging a balanced social behaviour, your child will learn about caring, sharing, and the difference between right and wrong.

As a parent who only wants the best for their child, it is your responsibility to make sure that your child receives the very best education possible that can give them a head start to a bright future – and you can achieve this at our FasTracKids nursery in Sandton.