Pre-primary Schools in Sandton – Find the Right Stepping Stone for Your Child

Do you want to get your little one into one of Sandton’s finest pre-primary schools? It’s June, which means that there are only seven more months left before your little one starts school. Starting pre-primary school is a big step for any child, and also for you. Your little one will be taking his first real steps into the “big world”, and as a parent who cares, you play a crucial role in preparing your little one for this new experience.

While pre-primary wasn’t such a big deal in our days, research has shown that pre-primary schools play a fundamental role in the social, emotional and physical development of children, which is why it’s so imperative that your little one is exposed to a pre-primary education before they head off to a big school. But, not just any pre-primary education will do! Today, choosing pre-primary schools in Sandton is pretty much like choosing a business school. Yes, if you want your little one to be academically and socially prepared for big school and life, then you need to enrol them in one of Sandton’s finest pre-primary schools. As a parent, you only want the very best for your child. Here’s how to choose the right one. 

Enrol Them in a Pre-Primary at the Forefront of Early Childhood Education 

Choosing pre-primary schools in Sandton for your little one should not be a last-minute decision. One of the first things to keep in mind is that not all early childhood educational curriculums are equal. You want to give your little one the best educational foundation as possible, and while you could enrol them in a school where they play, eat, sing, colour, paint, sleep and watch cartoons, you could also enrol them in a pre-primary where they focus on critical thinking, creativity, maths, communication, collaboration, problem-solving, leadership, good social values, emotional development, and personal growth. At FasTracKids, we believe that educational philosophy is very important, and place great emphasis on supporting all areas of children’s development, as well as providing children with the skills and confidence to start at any primary school of your choice.

We Prepare Children for the 21st Century

If you want your little one’s first year of big school to be an exciting and successful one, then help ease their transition by enrolling them in one of the finest pre-primary schools in Sandton – FasTracKids. Renowned as the “Princeton of Pre-primary Schools in Sandton”, and internationally acknowledged for providing a solid foundation for a lifelong successful education, we believe that when it comes to primary preparedness, academic skills, social skills and emotional competence are of vital importance.

At FasTracKids, our pre-primary curriculum is renowned and credited for providing a consistent, high-quality teaching methodology that engages all of a child’s senses. By placing great emphasis on multi-sensory learning techniques, abacus maths, and the Montessori educational system, we prepare children for the 21st century.

We are dedicated to making sure that learning is healthy, fun, stimulating and nurturing, and we offer young children a stepping stone into the world of academics. To learn more about how we can get your child primary school ready, contact us today!