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FTK Sandton at the Forefront of Pre-School Education

Considering enrolling your little one into a pre-school in Sandton, but unsure of where they should go, or if they should even go? There are many parents who are undecided about the significance of a pre-school education. While some parents believe that their children are better off at home with the nanny, others believe average day care will suffice until they reach primary school.


While we all want our kids to achieve greatness in life, it is important to acknowledge that early childhood is the most crucial growing period of a human life in terms of emotional, intellectual, physical and social development. It is a scientific fact that the brains growth is at its maximum potential speed in early childhood, which means from the ages of one to six is when your child should be experiencing stimulating and productive high-quality learning experiences to help shape their emotional, intellectual and social development.


Internationally recognised for providing a solid foundation for successful primary and high school education, we at FasTracKids are an exclusive ISASA accredited pre-school in Sandton. We are proud to offer the very finest combination of a Montessori educational system using multi-sensory learning techniques, and other highly respected educational systems used throughout the world.


About Our Pre-school Programmes


As a proven innovator of international early childhood education, our pre-school in Sandton offers programmes that are beneficial to every kind of learner, including those with autistic spectrum disorders, attention deficit, behavioural difficulties and dyslexia. Offering early childhood education programmes for children from one to eight years of age, not only are we are committed to encouraging every child to maximise their full potential, but we are dedicated to making learning fun and enjoyable.


Placing great emphasis on what we call the four Cs – creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration – we focus on fun activities such as Ballet, Boot Camp, Karate, Music, Maths, and Modern Dancing and we also follow a fun and informative theme each month such as Astronomy, Biology, Mathematics, Communication, Transport, Things that Float, Science, Literature and many more.


Our pre-school in Sandton not only offers programmes that encourages the development of different skills through creative thinking and problem solving, but it also instils good social values and morals that will build their communication and speaking skills, promotes social and emotional development, and it promote leadership and personal growth.


We Help Grow Smart, Confident, Happy and Independent Children


At FasTracKids pre-school, we simply offer children a healthy, stimulating and nurturing environment that places great emphasis on education and good social values and morals. As a pre-school in Sandton at the forefront of pre-school education, we will teach your child all about sharing, caring, and the difference between right and wrong and good and bad, so that they grow to become confident, happy and independent little people. In fact, you will notice a major change in them whilst attending our FasTracKids pre-school in Sandton.


For more information on how our FasTracKids pre-school programmes can help develop and prepare your child for the school of life, contact our ISASA accredited pre-school in Sandton us today!