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How a Sandton Nursery Can Give Your Child an Edge in Life

Young children are ready to learn, but their early life experiences are crucial in helping them to achieve lifelong academic success. Research has shown that the more time children spend in pre-school, the better their academic performance in primary school. Enrolling your child at a Sandton nursery provides the child with the crucial chance to interact with other children. This teaches them how to take turns, how to wait and learn how to listen.

Young children have the opportunity to learn social skills by interacting with other children. Experts agree that these social skills are important in the formation of the child’s personality. Another way in which enrolling your children in a Sandton nursery school will benefit them is by laying a foundation of future academic success. In pre-school, your child learns songs and poetry, the building blocks that are needed to grasp reading skills and phonics when your child reaches the developmentally appropriate age.

The playtime that occurs with sand, water and containers forms part of the foundation for understanding basic math concepts. Sequencing, matching and one-to-one correspondence are all activities performed over and over in a pre-school setting, assisting children with preparing for academic learning.

FasTracKids’ Sandton Nursery Prepares Your Child for School and Life

At FasTracKids, we work hard to provide each of our students with a lifelong love of learning. When you enrol your children at our Sandton nursery, they will enjoy interactive programs developed to help them cultivate key school and life readiness skills. These skills include critical thinking, communication, confidence, creativity and collaboration.

We employ innovative technology to further actively engage the children in the learning process. Our programs are developed specifically for ages ranging from six months to eight years. The FasTracKids programs are designed to enhance and support children’s natural development, and to aid them in preparing for life. We employ a leading combination of multi-sensory learning methods, which are further enhanced by interactive technology. This provides our students with a unique learning experience.

Our programs are concentrated on helping children to develop their critical thinking skills, while also boosting other areas of development. The FasTracKids Tots program encourages the natural curiosity of children, developing their concentration, communication, social skills and self-esteem. Children are encouraged to interact with our early learning classes through the use of songs, hands-on activities and movement during the week. This helps to prepare the children for pre-school, while also providing them with a graceful transition into the FasTracKids Signature program.

We are passionate about providing our students with the best start in life. Our team of educationalists is experienced and qualified to teach each of the ages that we make provisions for. Through an exciting combination of the use of technology and interactive programs, your child will enjoy and receive a solid foundation in educational development, giving them a great head start in life. Contact FasTracKids to learn more about our Sandton nursery and to find out more about how our programs can augment your child’s early development.