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190 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #03-512
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FastracKids Toa Payoh

The Preschool in Singapore With Better Programs to Encourage All Round Child Development, Early Child Education and Deep Foundation for Lifetime Success

What if your child could learn, and love learning, independently, be creative and logical in thinking, know/feel how to lead peers and respect family, and communicate fluently and impressively? These are skills and advantages for life, but you have an 8-year window to plant the seeds.


Welcome to FastracKids Toa Payoh, the innovative and popular child learning centre and preschool that has improved the lives of hundreds of children and their parents.

We endorse Fastrackids and fun, interactive early learning programs that benefit a child now and the love of learning for lifetime. Early childhood education and preschool education are a must if a child is to discover his or her own abilities and realize the full potential.  This is a needed child enrichment to kindergarten, which in itself does not give the full advantage. FastracKids is suitable for children 6 months to 8 years.

Our central location in Singapore at Toa Payoh gives you the advantage and timing flexibility to enroll your young children in Fastrackids as you wish. Our teachers are extremely well trained and motivated to provide quality early childhood education and groom all round child development, in a caring way according to each child’s needs. Read our testimonials.

Few preschools or child learning centres are as focused as we are and yet offer more than one choice in child learning, parental guidance and loving child care. Attend the next Parents With FastracK seminar and see, hear and feel how to make preschool time a time to remember. Last minute reservations are rarely successful.


Early childhood is a gift. We are the trusted preschool and child learning centre that wants to protect that gift by building the right knowledge, habits, attitudes and skills for a lifetime. FastracKids Toa Payoh is your trusted partner in giving your child the best.






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At our first parent/teacher meeting, my husband and I were surprised and very pleased to hear that Shaan was not only doing well, but was already prepared to enter 1st grade.

Anita, Parent of Shaan (age 5)

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