2 Tips to Get Your Little One Ready for a Preschool in Sandton


2 Tips to Get Your Little Budding Scholar Ready for a Preschool in Sandton Near You

The time has finally come to send your little cherub to preschool in Sandton, but you’re a little concerned that your little one is not quite ready. Not only are you worried about separation anxiety, but you are still doing everything for them, like taking them to the bathroom, washing their hands, choosing their clothes, and even dressing them. It is hard letting go, but this is a time to give your little one a little responsibility, especially if they are starting daycare in Sandton next year.

The first day or even month of preschool is not always easy. Some budding toddlers let go of their parent’s hand as they run into the gates and head straight for the jungle gym with excitement in their eyes. Others express anxiety and tears, finding it hard to let go, making the experience quite stressful for both parent and child. Believe it or not, an unpleasant experience like that can jade any kid for life. If you’re a little unprepared for preschool in Sandton next year, follow these two excellent tips to get them excited and confident.

1. Turn Responsibility into a Game

Children are often capable of a lot more than we think. Learning responsibility at a young age can build self-worth and lead to a strong work ethic later in life. Dependable adults achieve success as they believe in themselves. Responsible adults learned from a young age that elbow grease takes them far in life. That said, kids love to help, so introduce responsibility with games like mommy’s little helper. Give them some dough to press for the oven, let them sweep the floor and even help wash the dog. Start simple – make each milestone obtainable and reward positive behaviour with encouragement and praise. This will help their independence and make them feel confident about attending nursery school in Sandton.

2. Start Practicing Daily Routines – Day and Night

Young children are full of energy, but if you do not limit playtime and screen time and set strict bedtime routines, your cherub will burn out. As your toddler enters a new cycle where they will stay mentally and physically busy all day, they will require about eight hours of healthy sleep a night to rest and recharge. Pro Tip: This strategy works well with a reward system like a star sticker chart. After a week or month of achieving all-stars, spoil them with a treat, new toy or even a morning or afternoon playing their favourite game or visiting their favourite place.

Teaching preschoolers to feel responsible lays the foundation for confident, hard-working, and well-rounded teenagers and adult. If you would like to book a tour of our grounds, meet our friendly teachers or view our world-class preschool curriculum, then get in touch with our school in Sandton.