2 Tips to Get Your Little One Excited for Their First Day of Daycare in Sandton


Your little one is starting daycare next year. You have chosen a brilliant school in Sandton with excellent security, and a top-tier curriculum that includes the Montessori System, Multi-Sensory Learning Techniques, and Abacus Maths. As loving and supportive parents, you are both excited as your little one will make new friends and learn independence. However, there is one problem – and it’s a big one: separation anxiety.

Separation Anxiety is a Tough Challenge for Every Child

Your little one’s anticipation is leading to anxiety, and this is causing you to stress. It is important to understand that young toddlers do not understand the concept of time, and goodbyes are traumatic. Every child is unique, and it can take anywhere from a day to an entire month for a small person to adjust to daycare, but you can make our little one’s transition easier. As one of the leading innovators of childhood education, we share two tips that will get your little one excited and ready for big school.

1. Visit the School Together and Talk about the School and Teachers Constantly

A child that can brush their teeth, choose their clothes, and dress themselves will transition faster, and the sooner you encourage independence, the better. Start the transition by visiting the school together as a family on one of their open days. Spend some time in the class and on the playground with your little one. Each day or every third day, drive past the school with your little one and talk about how excited all the other children are and about school in general.

2. Set Playdates and Read Stories about Friendships

Starting daycare is a time when your little one needs to gain their independence and make friends, and an excellent place to start is at home. Social skills do not come easily to all children, but you can ease their transition by talking about your experiences when you started daycare. Share some funny and inspiring stories about the friends you met and the fun things you did, and then set up a few play dates with kids who will attend the same daycare. Also, get some colourful books about what it’s like starting school for the first time, and read these to them every night before bed.

Daycare is a milestone, but the thought of spending the morning or day away from mommy or the nanny in a strange place in the middle of Sandton may be frightening for your toddler. Preparing your little one should not be a last-minute decision. The best thing a parent can do is to start early in helping their little one cope when the big day arrives.

If you still haven’t found the perfect preschool for your little one, then visit the team at FasTracKids in Sandton.

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