4 Reasons to Send Your Little One to the Leading Crèche in Sandton—FasTracKids


Last year in March, when the pandemic first swept across South Africa, our President introduced sweeping measures to curb the spread of Covid-19. Lockdown affected our health, jobs, and our economy. While primary schools and high schools implemented online learning policies, young children found themselves shut out of daycare. However, your little one is growing fast and desperately needs to interact with other children their age. If you are one of many Sandton parents juggling with whether to send your little one to crèche this year, here are reasons to choose FasTracKids – Sandton’s Princeton of Preschools.

1. You Get a Foundation for LearningSocially and Academically 

Within the first five years of a young person’s life, their brain soaks up information much faster than an adult brain, shaping their personality and ability. That tells us that getting ahead in life starts from early academic excellence. As a proven innovator of childhood education, our crèche provides a foundation for life-long learning, with great emphasis placed on the Montessori educational system, zig-zagging method, multi-sensory learning techniques, and abacus math.

2. We Meet the Needs of All Learning Styles

They say if a child is not learning with standard teaching methods, then teach the child the way they learn best. All children desire to read stories, draw, count money, assemble and dissemble puzzles and toys, and do other things their elder siblings do. However, not all kids learn at the same pace. At FasTracKids, we understand some children learn better through reading, while others learn better through doing. As a result, we provide the right tools, interactions, and experiences that allow them to learn at their own pace.

3. We Make Learning Fun and Interactive

Focussing on multisensory techniques – which focuses on critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration, our curriculum empowers children to think, explore, question, and wonder, which is a fantastic way to learn. Fun and interactive subjects like astronomy, ballet, biology, boot camp, communication, golf, karate, literature, modern dancing, music, and science motivate creative thinking, problem-solving and communication, promoting leadership and personal growth.

4. We Empower Children to be Confident and Independent

As a proven innovator of 21st-century international early childhood education, we use visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic learning methods. As a result, our crèche in Sandton provides an educational advantage that teaches young children what to learn and how to learn – something not all schools do. These learning methods develop healthy emotional and social habits like confidence, sharing, fairness, assertiveness, empathy, independence, and respect. For these reasons and more, we’re the best choice when it comes to finding a crèche in Sandton.

To learn more about our curriculum, rates, security or Covid safety protocols, chat with us today about our crèche in Sandton.