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4 Tips to Get Your Sandton-Tiny-Tot Nursery Ready

Is your little one in Sandton or surrounds starting nursery school next month? Are you worried that they are not ready or that they will struggle with separation anxiety? Your little one – like many other kids in the Sandton area – has spent the past several months cooped up indoors. Either they are excited to get out of the house and make new friends, or they find the idea of starting nursery school terrifying.

Every child is unique in their ways. While some toddlers are a lot more independent than others, just as many struggle with letting go. Separation anxiety is a tough, real challenge for both parents and children – but there are ways to make their transition easier. Besides reminding your tiny tot that you love them and that they are going to have loads of fun, follow these tips to get your little one nursery school ready in Sandton.

1. Get Your Little One Familiar with the School

The first day of nursery school is difficult for any parent and child, but you can get your little one excited by preparing long in advance with simple things like talking about the school at home and even driving past the school when you’re in Sandton, pointing out the playground. Also, visit the school’s website and look at the pictures with your child, reminding them about all the cool things you did when you were in nursery school.

2. Get Them Routine-Ready

The toddler years are often a struggle with bedtime routines, especially when young kids have elder siblings that manage their bedtimes. However, young kids need a solid eight hours of sleep a night. Children burn a lot more mental and physical energy – from playing in the jungle gym and sports like ballet or karate to academic activities. To help your child adapt to their new routine, start practising playtime, screen time, and bedtime routines. It will make life much easier for them and you.

3. Set Play Dates with Other Kids Going to the Same Nursery in Sandton

Little people are social creatures wired to pretend and explore – but social skills don’t come naturally to all children. Behaviour is a learned skill, so start by teaching them about sharing and caring and that a temper tantrum will not get them anything. That can go a far way in helping them settle in nicely. Also, set up play dates with other toddlers attending the same school in the Sandton area. Making a friend at their nursery will help them feel confident and less afraid on their first day.

4. Teach Independence and Manners

You want to raise a well-mannered, independent child, and the best place to start is at home. Manners are essential today and go a long way in making friends. Before your little one starts nursery in Sandton, ensure he or she knows when to say thank you, good morning, and goodbye. They should also know how to brush their teeth, choose their clothes, and even bath themselves. Adding to that, coach them on how to react if another child hurts them, calls them names, or takes their toy away. A child that can do things for themselves will feel happier and settle in more quickly.