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Creches in Sandton 101: How to Choose the Best School for Your Little One

Decided to go back to work next year but feeling a little guilty about having to send your precious little one to a creche near your home in Sandton? Many mothers often feel dreadful about wanting to return to the office, especially after a long time off. If you’re one of those moms, you’re probably panicking about finding the right school.

Choosing between creches is a difficult task, logistically and emotionally. Sure, you’ve heard some positive stories from your friends about what childhood educational philosophy was great for their kids. But with so many different schools, have you thought hard about what educational philosophy is going to be good for your little one. If you’re looking for a few pointers to ensure you choose the right school, here’s how to sift out the elite from the standard.

Ensure the School is Licensed and the Teaches are Trained in Childcare

Start your search by getting a list of all the top creches in Sandton that meet with your safety standards and educational criteria. The next step is to ensure that the day care is registered with the Department of Education. Once established, it’s time to start evaluating the school, starting with the educators. You can learn a lot about a school by having a conversation with the teachers and the cleaning staff. Teachers play a pivotal role in the emotional and mental growth of young children, which is why parents must ensure that both share the same values.

Pay Attention to the Teacher-Child Interaction

A parent can also learn a lot about a school by the way the teachers interact and discipline the children, which is why it’s essential to pay attention to the teacher-child interaction. Every child has a unique personality so steer clear away from creches with a military-like environment and choose a nurturing environment where teachers are patient, loving and supportive. A nurturing environment is far more beneficial at this age as it will translate into confident, loving, happy and empathetic children.

Asses the Schools Educational Philosophy

Every parent wants to give their little one the best foundation possible, and although safety and location is often the deciding factor, educational philosophy should be first and foremost. But not all creches in Sandton are equal; while some focus on a standard day care programme, others act as a stepping stone to primary school. If you want your child to be able to say their ABCs, count to 100, know how to plant tomatoes, and even be conscious of our depleting water supply, then choose the school that meets with your expectations.

As a favourite amongst the Sandton creches, we recognise and value that every child is different and that every parent has unique needs or expectations for their children. But there’s no one-size-fits-all day care; whereas some crèches in Sandton promote a standard play, paint, eat and sleep day care routine, others focus on getting young minds ready for life. To find out more about our school and curriculum, visit FasTracKids in Sandton today.