Day Care Sandton


A Day Care in Sandton to Prepare Your Little One for the 21st Century

You’re a Sandton mom with an energetic two-year-old that’s been at home since birth. But over the past few months, you’ve realised that you’d like to get your career back on track. You’ve enjoyed every moment of being a stay-at-home mom, but your little one is more than ready to make friends and learn their ABCs. It’s difficult letting your baby chick leave the nest for the first time, but your little one is a perfect age.

Experts say that from the ages of two to seven, a young brain is like a sponge that soaks up more information at a time than an adult brain. Because young children experience rapid brain growth, their everyday environment can have a notable impact on the development of their emotional and cognitive skills. So, if you want to give your little one a smart start in life, get them into a quality day care in Sandton from a very young age. Here are reasons to send your little one to our FasTracKids day care in Sandton.

FasTracKids Offers the Finest Educational Curriculum in Johannesburg

In the heart of Sandton, we’re an exclusive ISASA accredited day care at the forefront of international childhood education. Considered as the “Princeton of Preschools”, we are a top-grade day care that uses the Montessori educational system, zigzagging system, abacus math, and multi-sensory learning techniques. It is our goal and philosophy to prepare children for the 21st-century by teaching how to learn, and that learning is fun, two vital elements overlooked by mainstream conventional preschools.

We Encourage Children to Maximise their Full Potential through Fun Activities

At FasTracKids, our curriculum empowers children to think, explore, and wonder and question in a fun and interactive way. Placing great emphasis on literacy, math, and communication skills, we encourage kids through exciting projects and activities that include art, baking, astronomy, biology, music, science, literature, math, dance and more. But what sets our intellectual childhood curriculum apart from the rest is that we allow young children to learn at their own pace. We approach every child as being unique in the way they absorb information, which makes our program ideal for every type of young learner.

Our Curriculum Encourages a Lifelong Love of Learning

At FasTracKids, we give the best of both worlds: high principles and academic excellence. Our curriculum will expand your little one’s knowledge, increase their vocabulary, show them how to count on the Abacus, and teach them how to solve problems while working in harmony with others.

To learn more, visit our day care in Sandton today.