Day Care in Sandton


Choosing a Day Care in Sandton is Not a 1-minute Decision: Here are 2 Tips to Guide Your Choice

Have you finally decided to send your little one to day care in Sandton after lockdown is over? If you’re one of many parents stuck at home with little kids, then you’re probably pulling your hair out right about now. Kids have loads of energy and energy must be burnt. But more than that, sending your little one to day care from a young age provides them with the right tools, interactions, and experiences to be more academically and socially prepared for primary school and life. Here’s how to choose an excellent day care in Sandton.

Asses the School’s Educational Philosophy

Your child needs to be in a school where security is of the highest priority, but after that, the school’s educational philosophy should be foremost. Are you looking for a standard day care where your little one can play, eat, sleep and watch cartoons, or are you looking for an educational preschool that provides an internationally recognised curriculum that focuses on math, literacy, communication, and values? Not all preschools are created equal. It’s up to you to choose the one that resonates with your philosophy.

Licensing and Teacher Interaction

After you’ve assessed the curriculum, make sure the school is registered and licensed with the Department of Education. This shows that the school meets the required education and health and safety standards. Also, pay attention to the teachers’ interaction with the children. Teachers play a pivotal role in the emotional and mental growth of young children, and they spend every day with the children, so it’s crucial to meet the teachers and learn more about their personality and their attitude towards discipline. You want a loving and nurturing environment and not a military-like environment.

We Prepare Children for the 21st Century

At FasTracKids, we believe that every child deserves a strong education which should start from a young age. We also believe that education should be fun and enjoyable, and it should encourage young children to think, explore, question, wonder, and learn how to learn.

We’re an exclusive ISASA-accredited day care located in the heart of Sandton that offers children from the ages of one to eight years old an outstanding childhood education that prepares young children for the 21st century. Our curriculum follows the Montessori educational system using the educational zigzagging method, and it also includes multi-sensory learning techniques, Abacus math, and a combination of other highly respected educational systems.

As a credited innovator of childhood education, there is no better day care in Sandton than FasTracKids. To learn more about our day care in Sandton, chat with us today.