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Daycares in Sandton: A Daycare for Children at the Forefront of Montessori Education

2020 is officially a disaster with widespread confusion, lack of communication, loss of education and jobs, and a virus going around at lightning speed – it’s hard to put a date on when life will switch back to normal. But what we do know is that 2021 is fast-approaching and now would be an excellent time to secure your little one’s future at a quality daycare in Sandton for next year. Having said that, here’s why FasTracKids in Sandton is the right daycare for your little ones.

We Prepare Children for 21st Century Lifestyle

Is your little one learning the valuable things that could serve them later in life? It is difficult being a working parent and raising a young child in the city. What’s more, many parents question whether South Africa’s standard academic curriculum offers all the valuable skills and knowledge that young kids need to grow into extraordinary adults. This is where we come in. We are here to help you make certain that your child is mentally and emotionally ready for what lies ahead.

We Teach Your Children the Things They Cannot Learn at Home

At FasTracKids, our daycare for young children is there to teach your little ones the things that they cannot learn at home. As a proven innovator of international early childhood education, we offer an early curriculum of the highest calibre by building a foundation for learning, which will later open many windows of opportunities.

We Teach Your Children How to Learn

Young kids’ brains absorb information like a sponge, but you need to get their attention and inspire them first, which is why education must be fun. As such, we believe that the only way young children grow up to want to learn is by teaching them the valuable skill of how to learn. Empowering children to think, explore, wonder and question through imagination, rhythm, movement, colour, form, recitation, and song and music, our curriculum centres on the Montessori and Waldorf system using multi-sensory learning techniques, Abacus math, and the zigzagging method.

We wholeheartedly believe that children matter. They are, after all, the future of our planet, and we need strong, confident, and intellectual free-thinking leaders. At FasTracKids, we give the best of both worlds—intellectual excellence and sound values and morals. We teach children to respect each other, share, solve conflicts, and be assertive so they can learn how to confidently voice their ideas and lead the future of our country. To learn more about our daycare, chat to the team at FasTracKids in Sandton.