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Separation Anxiety is Real: 6 Tips to Get Your Little Cherub Ready for a Daycare in Sandton


Are you a mom, dad, or granny who is feeling nervous about sending your little one to daycare? As a parent or guardian, it is hard letting go of your little one. Ask any educator, and they will all tell you that childhood education is of vital importance and should start from a very young age. But it is not uncommon for parents and children to suffer from separation anxiety. Because separation anxiety is a common problem in Sandton and beyond, here is some expert advice to get them daycare-ready.


  • Teach Good Manners – Children learn a lot at daycare, but parents can help by teaching manners and values before they start preschool. Along with the words please and thank you, coach them on what they would do if another child takes their toy or when someone is nasty to them. Not only will this help them adapt better, but it goes a long way in helping them make friends with other kids.


  • Talk about the Daycare Each Day – It is scary for a young child to enter an unfamiliar environment with strangers – but you can change this. Each day, get your little one familiar with the school and playground by driving past the school and pointing out how much fun they will have on the jungle gym and swings, just like you did when you were their age. That is sure to get them super excited about their first day.


  • Make Them Feel Special with a New Bag or Shoes – Make your little one feel excited about their first day by getting them a pair of new trainers, a pretty sparkly pair of shoes or a superhero or princess school bag and lunch box.


  • Practice Bed-Time and Wake-up Time Routines – Your little one will be at school from 8 am-to-5 pm each day. They will be exhausted for the first few months of attending daycare. To help them adapt, start practising screen, bedtime, and wake-up times.


  • Hold Your Anxiety – Starting a kindergarten in the Sandton area for the first time can be as daunting for parents as it is for children. If you want an easy drop-off, do not display any anxiety as your little one will immediately recognise your stress. It is best to pretend all is well and save the tears for when you get in your car and drive off. After a good cry, treat yourself to something that will make you feel better.


  • Allow Them to Make Decisions – All young kids crave independence, and a young child who can do things on their own will feel happier and settle in school more quickly. You can help by encouraging them to tidy their play area, run their bath, and brush their teeth all on their own. Last but not least, let your cherub choose their clothes for the day. All the above contribute to a more independent child that will adapt fast and make friends easily.


The first day of kindergarten is painful, so take the time to prepare for a new and exciting adventure by following the above advice. However, if you’re looking to enrol your little one in the top daycare in Sandton, contact FasTracKids. As a proven innovator of international early childhood education in the Sandton area, we get young kids ready for school and life. To learn about our daycare in Sandton and Montessori curriculum, contact us today.