Enrol Your Cherub in a Preschool in Sandton


Enrol Your Cherub in a Preschool in Sandton that Teaches Confidence and Independence

The time is drawing near to send your little one to preschool in Sandton near your home. You are super excited but nervous at the same time because deep down inside, you believe your little one is just not ready. But it’s time for you to get your career back on track, and that means letting go.

It’s true to say that nobody in this world can take better care of your child than you can. But the importance of preschool education is supported by many research studies and many educators. For instance, did you know that the size of your child’s vocabulary and social skills link directly to their early education?  That shows how important preschool is for your little one – and even more so nowadays.

Today, more than ever, it is crucial to raise a confident, independent child who cares about others and the environment. Helping develop healthy behaviour from a young age builds self-esteem and empathy. That leads to both emotional stability and a strong work ethic. So, now that you understand the importance of childhood education, here are a few reasons to send your cherub to FasTracKids in Sandton.

FasTracKids is an exclusive preschool in Sandton that offers a superior combination of a Montessori educational system and other highly respected international educational systems. At FasTracKids, we are committed to encouraging every child to maximise their full potential. Our kindergarten programmes are beneficial to every learner – from learning difficulties, dyslexia, emotional and behavioural difficulties to spectrum disorders and ADHD.

We Deliver a Teaching Method that Encourages a Love of Learning

At FasTracKids in Sandton, we recognise young children learn and process information differently. Delivering a teaching method that encourages a love of learning, we use multi-sensory techniques, the zigzagging method, and abacus math to engage all of a child’s senses. We also provide extramural activities that develop skills and teach confidence. For instance, we offer science club, soccer, karate, yoga, ballet, clamber club, gym kids, computers, art club, build-em-brix, musical bumblebees, and we offer swimming lessons in our heated on-site swimming pool.

FasTracKids Sandton is an Investment in Your Child’s Future

Building unique skills at a young age is fundamental to a child’s overall growth, and if we are to prepare your child for a successful future in South Africa or abroad, your child must learn that education is fun and exciting. At FasTracKids, our preschool programmes from the ages of one to eight years old not only develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills, but it builds their communication and speaking skills and teaches them that learning is fun. This system promotes personal growth and leadership, leading to confident and independent young people.