Give Your Little One a Head Start in Life at an Academic Preschool Sandton


It’s 2021, and with uncertainty in the air, you’re probably wondering whether to keep your little one at home with your housekeeper or send them off to a preschool in Sandton near you. It’s a tough decision, and it is only natural to have concerns. However, it is necessary to understand that your little one is ready to learn, explore, socialise, and communicate, and one of the best investments you can make is to give them an excellent childhood education.

Preschool Sandton

Preschool Education is Highly Beneficial for Young Minds

As the most impressionable time of a young child’s life, the toddler years form the basis of intelligence, personality and social behaviour. Studies by the New York Post show that preschool is the foundation for a lifetime of learning and preparation. Young children that undergo a high-quality educational kindergarten curriculum do so much better academically and emotionally later in life. Studies prove that not only are young preschool children academically and socially prepared for primary school, but they also become better, responsible, confident and independent teenagers who achieve in life. That tells us that early childhood education paves the way for success in both school and life.

Preschool Provides Growth and School Readiness

Early childhood education is one of the best investments you can make in your child’s future and is the reason a high-quality academic curriculum is so important. It is for this reason that FasTracKids exists. In the heart of Sandton, our preschool is a leading innovator in early childhood education. Focusing on the essential areas of child development, we provide a foundation for learning, both socially and academically.

We Focus on the Main Areas of Child Development

As a leading preschool based in Sandton, at FasTracKids we offer the very best combination of a Montessori educational system using the four C’s (creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration), multi-sensory learning techniques, the Zigzagging Method, and Abacus Maths. With great attention placed on cognitive development, social development, emotional development, speech development, language development, fine motor development, and gross motor development, all our programmes prepare children for reading, writing, arithmetic, and building confidence and independence.

We Meet the Needs of Various Learning Styles

We recognise that if a child is not learning how you teach them, change your teaching methods and teach in a manner in which the child learns best. Meeting the needs of various learning styles by encouraging children to discover a love of learning, we focus on the five senses, art, nature, and educational projects that are fun and interactive. One of the great things about our programmes is that children go at their own pace, eradicating any stressful expectations that can hinder the love of learning.

FasTracKids in Sandton Can Give Your Little One a Head Start in Life

It’s the wish of every parent to see their little one grow into a successful adult – and we are proud to be a part of helping children get there. Providing a sound foundation for learning and developing confident, healthy and happy children, we teach children to respect each other, share, love, care, communicate, write, read, count, and solve internal conflicts. To learn more about programs from one to eight years old, contact us today. As noted, the FasTracKids preschool is located in Sandton, and enrolments are now open!