Grade 1 Applications


Grade-1 Applications: Top Tips to Get into the Right School for Your Needs

Are you struggling to enrol your little one into the right school in Johannesburg for 2021? We live in a highly competitive world and getting ahead in life starts from early academic excellence. As a result, if you want to give your kids the competitive edge, you must enrol them in an excellent school from the first grade. You need to decide if you want a government or private school.

Grade 1 Applications

Despite Gauteng’s grade-1 admissions closing 25 July, parents throughout Gauteng cannot guarantee placement. Whether you have missed the deadlines of the applications, the department placed your child in the incorrect school (far from your home), or you are concerned that you have made a mess of your submissions and want to apply to better schools, Gauteng will extend admissions like last year. To ensure you secure the right school, here are some tips to assist with grade-1 applications.

Check Each School’s Km Radius Policy Before You Apply

Some schools only accept pupils living within a certain km radius, so before you spend hours on paperwork, make sure you meet their criteria. Although Gauteng’s Education Department is administering the 2020 admission process under the new Regulations and Feeder Zones Policy, a parent can apply at any school, but placements depend on space and the capacity of the school. However, you can jump the queue if you have a sibling in the school or stay 30 km within the feeder zone. 

Arm Yourself with the Right Documentation – Or Expect Delays!

Every year, thousands of grade 1 to grade 8 learners do not find a suitable placement. Whether it is because of inaccurate information on paperwork, insufficient documentation, the incorrect school placement, or not meeting the applications deadline, you can speed up the process by ensuring you have everything the department needs, so there is no delay with your application. Ensure you have:

  • Certified copies of the learner’s unabridged birth certificate
  • Vaccination certificate/clinic card
  • Certified copies of both parents’ ID documents
  • Learner’s grade-1 school report
  • Proof of residence: property owner municipal rates account and renter lease agreement

If you have applied and still have heard nothing regarding their placement for 2021, urgently contact the Department of Basic Education head office or in your local district, or if you live in and around the Johannesburg area, contact FasTracKids. As an established innovator of childhood education, we provide a Montessori and Waldorf educational system using multi-sensory learning techniques and other respected global enriching programmes.

We Prepare Children for the Future

As leaders in childhood education, we centre our learning style on cognitive development as well as meeting the needs of various learning styles. Providing a solid foundation for an academic future, we focus on the CAPS Curriculum. This curriculum includes English, Afrikaans, Zulu, and French. We prepare children for the future and provide an all-round curriculum that covers Manners 4 Minors, Coding, Music, Computers, and physical exercise.

If you still have not found a placement for your little one, get in touch with our school in Sandton regarding applications.