Nursery School Sandton


Enrol Your Toddler at a Nursery School in Sandton at the Forefront of Childhood Education


Do you have an eager little learner on your hands – ready to colour within the lines, use a pair of scissors, tie their shoelaces, and gain a little independence? You have two choices: You can send your little one to daycare in Sandton with a standard educational curriculum that includes sleep, eat, play, paint, movies, and home time, or a high-quality nursery school in Sandton that can get your little one ready socially, emotionally and academically for primary school and life. Modern parents choose the latter – here is why.


Educational Philosophy is Foremost in Early Development


Experts believe that children who attend a top-quality nursery are not only academically and socially better prepared for primary school, but they grow up to be much more responsible than children who never attended a nursery. Whereas a daycare from nine to five is all about babysitting children while parents work, a high-quality nursery is about self-discovery – from learning how to count to 100, building speaking skills, developing imagination, encouraging problem-solving, and making friends to learning about boundaries and confidence. That is why choosing the right educational centre with the right educational philosophy is so critical.


We Prepare Young Children Socially and Academically for Life


In the heart of Sandton, we are an exclusive ISASA accredited nursery school – also known as the ‘Princeton of Preschools’ that prepares young children socially and academically for life. We provide early childhood education for children from one to eight years old, with programmes focused on cognitive, social, emotional, speech, language, fine motor and gross motor development skills.


We Provide a Montessori, Multi-Sensory, and Abacus Math Curriculum


At FasTracKids, we recognise the importance of a child’s early years, and we also understand that not all children develop at the same capacity. Whereas some children remember better through visuals, others learn faster through doing. Because of this, we incorporate a curriculum that combines the Montessori educational system and the zig-zagging method with multi-sensory learning techniques – the four C’s (critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration) and abacus math.


Our Sandton nursery provides the right tools, experiences and values to succeed in primary school and life. As well as meeting various learning styles and encouraging children to discover a love of learning, we also offer Music, Maths, Ballet, Karate, Kiddies Golf, and Modern Dancing lessons. We also follow an exciting theme each month, such as Astronomy, Biology, Communication, Transport, Things that Float, Science, and Literature.


To learn more about our curriculum or 2022 enrolments, give us a call.