Pre-Primary School Sandton


Tips for Choosing the Best Pre-Primary School in Sandton For You and Your Little One

Educational experts maintain that getting a sound pre-primary education has more influence on a child’s overall development than their family background. Experts believe that children who start learning from a young age are not only more academically and socially prepared for high school, but they grow up to be more responsible adults than those who never attended a pre-primary at all.

Early education plays a fundamental role in the development of children. Early education offers children the right tools and social interactions and experiences. These lessons from a young age help to build confidence and teach independence, giving young children the self-assurance to explore and make friends easily. If you are looking for a few tips on choosing one of the best pre-primary schools in Sandton for you and your little one here is how to sift the elite out from the standard.


A Safe Location – This is Big!

Security is of the highest priority, which is why the location must be safe and healthy for children to learn and play freely. Assess cleanliness, their drop-off and pickup policy, and their security system. You need to know that when you drop your little one off for the day that they are 100% secure and safe.


Asses the School’s Educational Philosophy – Another Big One!

Educational philosophy should be foremost, and it is essential to keep in mind that not all pre-primary schools in Sandton are equal. Whereas some offer the standard pre-school education where kids paint, sleep, watch cartoons, and play on the jungle gym, others focus on the Montessori educational system. This curriculum focusses on multi-sensory learning techniques, which is all about using sound, speach, sight, perception, touch, movement, doing, balance, taste, and smell to teach and help children to remember. It also focuses on abacus maths, which provides a solid learning foundation for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and it also increases memory power and sharpens overall mental formation.


Licensing Is Crucial – This Goes Without Saying!

Once you have assessed the location and curriculum, ensure the school is registered with the Department of Education. Whether the school is Montessori or standard, make sure the school meets the required standard educational curriculum. Additionally, every school should have a Health and Safety policy in place. Take the time to assess their plan, as you want to ensure that their standards are in line with yours.


Give Your Child a Head-Start in Life with FasTracKids

They say if a child is not learning in the way you teach, then change your teaching methods and teach the child how they learn best. And this is what you can expect from FasTracKids – one of South Africa’s leading educational institutions for young learners. Situated in the heart of Sandton, we offer the most exceptional combination of a Montessori educational system using Abacus Maths and Multi-Sensory Learning Techniques.

As a proven innovator of international early childhood education, we understand that no child is the same. Where some children learn better through reading, others learn better through doing. We provide an educational advantage by encouraging children to discover a love of learning in a fun and interactive setting.

Transform your little one’s chances and give them a good head-start in life with FasTracKids. To learn more about our location, educational philosophy, child-teacher ratio, or our licensing, visit our school in Sandton.