Pre-Primary Schools in Sandton


Pre-Primary Schools in Sandton: Why Choosing the Best One is so Critical

Are you a parent of a young child wondering whether to send them to a pre-primary school near your home in Sandton next year? Perhaps you’re unsure about COVID, or you think your child is not mature enough and might struggle with separation anxiety when it comes to new schools. Whatever your reasons, you’re reading this blog post because you need a little convincing – and who can blame you.

Overcoming Separation Anxiety is the Easy Part 

First, it is essential to understand that you are not the first parent to have these reservations. Letting go of your little one for the first time is hard – and not just for them. It will be difficult for both of you, especially the first few days. Though, once you expose your cherub to a new world of fun, play and friends, they will dart out the front door each morning, calling shotgun – rushing to see their new friends, play and learn new things. Separation anxiety is nothing new and lasts only a few days. As we see it, your only real obstacle is to enrol your cherub in one of the best pre-primary schools in Sandton.

Standard or Academic Preschool Education?

The right pre-primary schools will make a lifelong difference to your little one’s attitude towards education, which is why so many parents place such significance on high-quality childhood education. For instance, you can send your toddler to standard daycare where kids play, eat, sleep and watch movies. Or, you can send your little one to a pre-primary in Sandton that encourages every child to maximise their full potential by delivering a teaching method that fosters a love of learning.

Kindergarten Gets Your Little One Primary School-Ready

The world is competitive and if you can give your little one a stepping stone in life, then start by investing in a quality childhood education in Sandton. Children’s brains are like sponges, soaking up more information than a human brain. That means this is the best time to introduce languages, reading, maths, writing and memory skills. Even grade-1 primary school teachers say that out of all their learners, the most confident and ready to learn are those who attended high-quality pre-primary schools.

We Support Various Learning Styles

At FasTracKids in Sandton, we believe that education should be enjoyable, and our program empowers children to think, explore, question, wonder, and learn how to learn. Supporting children of various learning styles, we provide a Montessori educational system coupled with other highly respected educational systems like the zigzagging method, abacus maths, and multi-sensory learning techniques.

We Provide a Well-Rounded Academic Education

Every parent desires to see their child grow into a successful adult. However, for them to get there, it’s crucial that you give them the best foundation possible – and that is why we exist. We are an internationally acknowledged preschool that provides young kids from one to nine a well-rounded education, teaching young children confidence. Our curriculum also focuses on values, showing children to respect one another, share, and voice their opinions.

To learn more about our top-tier internationally recognised childhood curriculum and our long list of exciting extramural activities, contact us today. Enrolments for 2022 are now open. When it comes to pre-primary schools, choose the best!