Why Choose FasTracKids Nursery School in Sandton


3 Solid Reasons to Send Your Little One FasTracKids Nursery School in Sandton

You’ve had an incredible time getting to know the little person in your life, but it’s now time to send your little one off to a nursery school in Sandton. But with so many daycares scattered throughout Sandton – from standard play to academic, the problem is which one to choose? Do you want your little one to sleep, eat, play and watch movies all day, or are you after the Princeton of Preschools, where academics are at the fore?

Imagine, if you can, a nursery school in Sandton that believes learning is a journey of exploration and does not compare young kids to each other on a performance level. Imagine a nursery school that takes both academics and gross motor activities seriously. A space where kids enjoy fun outdoor play, ballet, karate, baking, and even learn about astronomy, nature, culture, entrepreneurship, biology, science, and literature. Well, imagine no more because that is what you can expect at FasTracKids nursery school in Sandton. Here are three solid reasons to send your little one to FasTracKids.

  1. We Prepare Children for School and Life

In the heart of Sandton, FasTracKids is an exclusive ISASA-accredited nursery school that offers children from the ages of 1 to 8 a top-tier education. As an accredited innovator of childhood education, we use the Montessori teaching method, multi-sensory learning techniques, Abacus Math, and the Zigzagging method, coupled with other highly respected educational teaching methods. We use the world’s leading preschool educational programmes to expand your little one’s knowledge, increase their vocabulary, show them how to count on the Abacus, and how to solve logical problems. Simply put, we prepare young children to become confident, critical-thinking, well-rounded adults that achieve high in life.

  1. We Teach Children How to Learn

At FasTracKids, we believe every child is unique. Whereas some kids learn better by visuals, others learn better by doing – and that is what we encourage. Focussing on the natural development of each child, we promote a love of learning in a fun and interactive environment which empowers children to think, explore, question, wonder, and learn how to learn. Our children learn through imagination, rhythm, movement, art, form, recitation, song and music. That makes our curriculum ideal for learners with dyslexia, ADHD, autism, hyperactivity, emotional and behavioural disorders, and learning difficulties.

  1. We Provide a Loving and Nurturing Environment

Teachers spend every day with young children. As a result, they play an essential role in the emotional and mental growth of young children. At FasTracKids, our teachers give the best of both worlds: academic excellence and high values. We believe that a child, who feels loved, safe and happy, will learn and flourish better. As a result, our teachers provide a loving and nurturing environment where children laugh and engage with each other all day long while enjoying playtime, art activities, music and dance, karate, puzzles, stories and outdoor play.

At FasTracKids, we provide one of the leading international childhood education programs in the world. To learn more about our nursery school in Sandton or attend our open day, chat with one of our friendly teachers today.