What Our FasTracKids Pre-school Can Offer Your Child Living in Parkmore

Is your little one ready for primary school and life? Did you know that the size of a child’s vocabulary and social skills are directly linked to their early education? In fact, the importance of early education is supported by many research studies and many educators. This should be a clear indication of how important the right educational system should be for your little one.

What is FasTracKids Pre-school?

FasTracKids is an exclusive pre-school in Sandton, close to Parkmore, proud to offer the very finest combination of a Montessori educational system and other highly respected educational systems used throughout the globe. Committed to encouraging every child to maximise their full potential, our classes are focused on helping children excel in creativity, communication, confidence, critical thinking and collaboration.

Meeting the needs of various learning styles and using the proprietary Educational Zig-zagging method, our educational programmes allow children to learn through exposure to visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning methods. With classes that start from 1 years to 8 years of age, our pre-school in Sandton offers smart and exceptional facilities with top of the range educational technology, such as interactive SMART boards and iPads.

With great emphasis placed on school readiness, our pre-school, situated close to Parkmore, follows a structured programme that follows a fun and informative theme each month, such as Astronomy, Biology, Communication, Transport, Things that Float, Science and Literature. Following an excellent educational curriculum that offers a wide range of activities, such as Music, Maths, Ballet, Boot Camp, Karate, Kiddies Golf and Modern Dancing – every Friday is bike day and baker’s day at FasTracKids.

Our Pre-school Programmes

As a proven innovator in international early childhood education, our pre-school in Parkmore not only provides a consistent, high-quality delivery and teaching methodology that engages all of a child’s senses, but it also provides an educational advantage by encouraging children to discover a love of learning in a fun and interactive setting. At FasTracKids, we provide quality pre-school programmes such as the following:

  • Tots@Play Playgroup (Ages 14 months- 2.5 years)
  • Pre Grade 000 (2.5-3 years)
  • Grade 000 (3-4 years)
  • Grade 00 (4-5 years)
  • Grade 0 (5-6 years)
  • Extra English
  • After School Enrichment Programmes

With a goal to prepare children for school and for life; develop creative thinking and problem solving; build communication and speaking skills; teach the application and transfer of knowledge; promote leadership and personal growth, and encourage a lifelong love of learning – FasTracKids is not intended to replace early education, it is meant to enhance it!

We simply offer an educational system that not only teaches children what to learn, but most importantly, also how to learn. Our educational system has been so successful worldwide that independent testing by the National Institute on Out-of-School Time (NIOST) demonstrates that a significant number of three to six year old children enrolled in FasTracKids® improved their vocabulary and social skills at a rate 100% to 150% times faster than those not enrolled in the FasTracKids programme!

Visit our pre-school in Parkmore Sandton, today and come see how FasTracKids are learning, cleverly disguised as fun – we can offer your child a pre-school education unlike any other!