Give Your Child the Best Start in Life with a Quality Sandton Pre-school Education

Every parent wants to give their children the very best start in life, positioning them for a lifelong love of learning, poised for success. If your child is to grab all of the opportunities that life sends their way, and make the best of their talents and abilities, we have to engender a love of learning from a young age. At our Sandton pre-school, this is exactly what happens.

We have tailored our programs to create a love of learning in our students from a very young age. Here, your child will enjoy our interactive programs that have been developed to enhance their key school and life readiness skills. These skills incorporate critical thinking, communication and collaboration, as well as creativity and confidence.

Bridging the Gap between Innovative Technology and Learning Capabilities

Instead of resisting the use of technology in the learning environment, our leading Sandton pre-school encourages its use to keep your child actively engaged in his/her own unique learning process. Our early learning programs start are focused on children from the age of six months to eight years old, preparing your child for the future every step of the way.

At FasTracKids, we are a leading innovator of international early childhood education. We always encourage children to discover their love of learning in fun and interactive settings. Instead of replacing it, the FasTracKids programs seek to enhance your child’s early education. Some of our many praised programs include:

  • The FasTrack Signature Program;
  • FasTrack Tots and FasTrack Music;
  • FasTrack Explorers and FasTrack Discoverers; and
  • FasTrack Camps and FasTrack English, to name a few.

We have worked hard to develop a proven platform that offers children a consistent and high-quality delivery of education that engages all of their senses.

Support and Enhance Your Child’s Natural Development with Our Leading Sandton Pre-school

We developed our early learning programs to enhance your child’s natural development. Using a combination of multi-sensory learning methods that are enhanced by interactive technology, your child can look forward to a fun and collaborative learning experience. Our Sandton pre-school boasts leading educational professionals, who are extensively qualified and experienced in their respective fields.

Our team of educationalists is passionate about providing each of our students with the very best start in life, building on a foundation of the love of learning, which seeks to provide your child with the platform for later educational success in life. We are proud of the many milestones that our Sandton pre-school has achieved and continue to look to the future with anticipation.

Offering our unique multi-sensory teaching methods since 1997, FasTracKids has now been in operation for nearly two decades. All of our teaching methodologies are based on engaging the child’s senses in the learning process, thus helping to stimulate all areas of the child’s brain. This is only one example of the innovative approach we, at FasTracKids, take to help our students reach their full potential. If you would like to discuss our learning programs in greater detail and find out more about how we can support your child’s future learning and education, contact FasTracKids today.