Reasons to Enrol your Child in a FasTracKids Pre-school Programme

Thinking of sending your child off to pre-school next year? For every parent, there comes a time when they must decide if they are ready to send their little ones off to pre-school. When you take into consideration the vast amount of evidence proving that one third of a child’s intellectual skills develop by the age of six, it is essential to expose your child to a variety of experiences for the purposes of emotional and mental growth.

Situated in Sandton, Johannesburg, at FasTracKids, we offer early childhood educational programmes for children from 1 to 8 years old. As a proven innovator of international early childhood education, we provide an educational advantage by encouraging children to discover a love of learning in a fun and interactive setting. By focussing on what we call the four Cs: critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration – we simply prepare young children for the school of life.

Internationally recognised for providing a solid foundation for successful lifelong education, as well as success in adult life, we at FasTracKids can give you many reasons why you should enrol your little one into a FasTracKids pre-school programme – keep reading to learn more.

Encourages the Development of Different Skills

Building different skills at a young age is fundamental to a child’s overall growth, and if we are going to prepare our children for the world ahead, they must love to learn! At FasTracKids, we believe that education should be fun and enjoyable, and our programme empowers children to think, explore, question, wonder and learn how to learn. Supporting children’s intellectual and language development, and communication skills, our pre-school programme introduces children to language, arts, music, math and problem solving.

Promotes Social and Emotional Development

It is vital for young children to spend time with other children their age, especially from various backgrounds and interests, as this helps them to develop a sense of individuality and respect for others. Our pre-school offers little ones the opportunity to develop social and emotional maturity, as they learn to play cooperatively, relate well to their peers, learn to share and follow instructions, solve conflicts and be assertive. They also learn how to confidently voice their opinions in a classroom setting amongst their peers. Furthermore, one cannot emphasise enough the importance of group activities with other children. To learn the importance of team spirit at such a young age can help them greatly as they move into primary school.

Instil Good Social Values & Morals

It is a given fact that young children who attend a pre-school that provides a nurturing and positive environment do much better academically and are emotionally more stable. At FasTracKids, we offer our kids a healthy, loving and nurturing environment that places great emphasis on good social values and morals. We will teach them all about sharing, caring, and most importantly the difference between right and wrong, and good and bad. As a pre-school programme at the forefront of education, we guide children to gain independence, confidence and self-esteem. In fact, you will notice a huge change in their sense of responsibility whilst attending our pre-school.

At FasTracKids, our pre-school programme is renowned and credited for providing a consistent, high-quality teaching methodology that engages all of a child’s senses. Dedicated to making sure that learning is as enjoyable as it is necessary – we give children a wide and strong foundation for learning. For more information on how we can help your child discover a life-long love of learning and emotional stability – contact us today!