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FasTracKids – Saudi Arabia

map_icon Hamza S. BatterjeeFasTracKids Enrichment Center.
Tahlia Street, Al-Andalus Distt.
Jeddah 23322
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


We are the true pioneer in After-School EDUtainment programs which combines Education and Entertainment in a fun and easy way. In FasTracKids Saudi Arabia students discover their own abilities and potential to learn inside a classroom focused on an interactive education. Children have the opportunity to work in close cooperation with the instructor and learn to expand their thoughts and to communicate effectively. Each child is encouraged to explore their world and gain the confidence needed to engage fully in the early learning process.Visit our website for detailed information or follow us on

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Not enough can be said for the enjoyment in learning Tallulah experienced at FasTracKids.

Marie and Jorge, Parents of Tallulah (age 5)

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