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We are passionate about providing opportunities for collaboration for students in FasTracKids® centers and schools worldwide. Our events also involve students making a positive impact on their local communities in areas like literacy and environmental sustainability.

These international events are designed to strengthen your child’s life-long joy and experience of learning while trying to make a difference in their community. FasTracKids offers your student a platform and opportunity to use their voice and their mind to change the world. Your child can use creativity to participate in global causes such as environmental sustainability and the impact of early childhood literacy.

Read more about our international events and contests that continue to showcase how essential FasTracKids students are in building a brighter future for us all!


Read for the Record

On October 21st, FasTracKids will participate in its 8th annual Read for the Record event, an international campaign that focuses on the importance of early literacy. Read for the Record® demonstrates the power of reading by bringing preschool age children and valued grownups together to read the same book on the same day. Read More…


Voices of FasTracKids

FasTracKids holds a yearly international children’s speech contest. Students enrolled in the FasTrack® Fundamentals program showcase their hard work and progress by researching, writing and performing their own speech in their home language.
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Voices of FasTrack English

Voices of FasTrack English

FasTrack® English is our English as a Foreign Language (EFL) premier program that has every student talking – in English! We decided that those voices should be heard around the world. The second annual Voices of FasTrack English Speech contest had over 350 contestants submit videos displaying their knowledge of the English language.
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FasTracKids Global Initiative

FasTracKids Global Initiative

Our Global Initiative program “Water Wise” gave students enrolled in the FasTracKids program at participating centers the opportunity to learn water conservation, collaborate on classroom activities and initiate community projects. Read More…