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Voices of FasTracKids

FasTracKids® gives your child the tools necessary for success in the 21st century. One of these important skills is the ability to communicate effectively. One way that FasTracKids encourages children’s communication skills is by having them create a short presentation at the end of each lesson to share what they learned.

To extend this learning internationally, FasTracKids holds a yearly international children’s speech contest. Students enrolled in the FasTrack® Fundamentals program showcase their hard work and progress by researching, writing and performing their own speech in their home language. Every participant conducts their speech in front of their classmates while being video recorded by the FasTracKids teacher.

Categories are chosen based on current classroom themes. Children all over the world share their unique understanding of the topic, as well as show how their culture might differ from others. Moreover, students are encouraged to share what they learn in a way that best exhibits their personal learning style. The ability to explain to others what you have learned, is a skill that not only reinforces the learning, but also increases your communication skills. Children who participate show a high level of presentation skills, vocabulary and understanding of the topic chosen.

Here are the videos that were awarded first place in each category. Congratulations to all our participants worldwide!

Esteban (Age 5) – FasTracKids Colegio Carmel Mexico City, Mexico – Speech on animals that live in your climate

Presha (Age 6) – FasTracKids Santacruz Mumbai, India – Describe your favorite gemstone and explain why it is your favorite

Olga (Age 7) – FasTracKids Novorossiysk, Russia – Tell us about the seasons in your hometown and which one is your favorite.