Voices of FasTracKids

Public speaking is an important skill that is often not practiced or encouraged enough at a young age. This can lead to having a fear of public speaking or communicating effectively as a child grows into an adult. At FasTracKids®, we see positive growth from repetition in a student’s communication and the confidence they build from practicing this crucial skill set. That is why we want to share these student voices with the world during our annual speech contest, Voices of FasTracKids.

Dasha FasTracKids Almaty Image

Dasha – Voices of FasTracKids Winner
(FasTracKids Almaty, Kazakhstan)

FasTracKids programs develop a child’s communication skills by having them create a short presentation at the end of each lesson to share the importance of what they learned. To extend this learning internationally, FasTracKids holds an annual speech contest. Students enrolled in our programs showcase their hard work and progress by researching, writing and performing speeches in their native or second language. Every child speaks in front of their classmates while video is recorded by the FasTrack Instructor.

Voices of FasTrackids 2018 themes are: I Love FasTracKids Because… and I am a FasTracKid and one day I will…
Also new for 2018 we have a team category for ages 6 and up. The theme for the team competition is:
One day I am going to invent a machine that will help the world and it will be a…

See our Facebook and YouTube channels to keep up with our contestants. Enjoy last year’s contest by watching the videos below.

One day I am going to invent a machine that will help the world and it will be a… 2018 Winner