FasTrack Discoverers

FasTrack DiscoverersYour young learner has a natural curiosity for investigating, experimenting and discovering.  Our FasTrack® Discoverers program for 3-5 year olds provides an engaging, multi-day preschool educational setting to nurture your preschooler’s inquisitiveness and prepare them for success.

Successful habits are formed early, often before children start elementary school. It is important that your child is properly challenged to prepare them for their future. Our FasTrack Discoverers program has a balanced approach that includes: high level concepts, advanced vocabulary building, digital learning and a collaborative atmosphere. Our multiday preschool curriculum has an intentional focus on school readiness skills, helping your child be successful in school and life.

FasTrack DiscoverersResearch by Bruce Perry and other educational experts have shown that due to the increased exposure to digital media, our young learners process information at an accelerated rate. FasTrack Discoverers meets the needs of these digital learners while providing ample opportunities to socialize with peers, collaborate on projects, imagine through art and gain confidence.

As we partner with parents to create 21st century students, we create an environment for future leaders to excel. Students are encouraged to investigate and innovate through the use of scientific method. Children explore and expand on hypotheses and realize that questioning is the first step in creativity. Students gain confidence to explore and test boundaries with the support of teachers and parents. FasTrack Discoverers is the safe place for smart kids, future innovators and dreamers that will change the world.

FasTrack Discoverers

Parent-teacher meetings are scheduled for formal discussions and goal setting for your child’s success. During the parent meetings, parents and center staff will review student progress and establish joint goals in order for students to reach their milestones.

Progress Reports:

Parents will receive monthly Observation Checklist that reflects the developmental milestones our students achieve. Teachers provide detailed documentation of the learning that occurs in the classroom. Parents and instructors work together to ensure students continued growth and development.

Weekly Updates:

All programs provide weekly Exploring Sheets that give parents a window into their child’s classroom experience. Each Exploring Sheet is designed to reflect the skills children are acquiring and provide ideas to further the learning at home.

FasTrack Discoverers

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