FasTracKids Research Studies

Growth and development of your child is at the heart of every program in the FasTracKids® Learning System. One way we record this is through accurate documentation regarding the achievement of your young learner’s milestones.

The purposes of this research is to inform:

• parents regarding continued progress made by our students
• future curriculum design
• professional training of our instructors.

Although all of our programs are rooted in strong educational research, several of our program offerings have confirmed their impact through the scrutiny of rigorous data collection and analysis:

sign FasTrack® Signing

Research conducted by Drs. Michelle Anthony and Reyna Lindert in conjunction with the University of California at Berkley tested the theory of language growth and acquisition for babies 6 months-2 years old. The research showed that if children were exposed to the use of sign language at an early age, then by the time they were ready to speak; their vocabulary was larger than those students who were not exposed to the use of signs. Children who used signs had double the number of spoken words than peers who did not use signing.

FasTrack Signing research

FasTrack Signing is your child’s first step in establishing clear communication between parent and child.

Our program originated from Signing Smart™.  See the research behind the program by selecting the image.
FasTrack Signing, Signing Smart research



fundamentalsFasTrack® Fundamentals

For over 15 years, FasTracKids has been influencing the educational outcomes of students around the world. Independent research demonstrated the measurable effectiveness of our program. The results showed that there is a significant increase in school readiness skills for children enrolled in the FasTrack Fundamentals program.

FasTracKids - FasTrack Fundamentals research

The researchers collected data from five different countries, from students who spoke different languages, yet the results were conclusively positive.  Regardless of the language spoken in the home, FasTrack Fundamentals gives students the skills they need for academic success.

See the research by selecting the image.  Note that the program term “FasTracKids” represents “FasTrack Fundamentals”:

FasTracKids Research Study