FasTrack Learning Station

The digital age of our new millennium has given rise to a new type of learner. Our children are now called ‘digital natives’. Noted neurologist Bruce Perry states that digital learners‘ brains are wired differently compared to learners in previous decades. The digital learner is adept at learning through a variety of methods, including multimedia formats.

FasTrack Learning StationFasTracKids® believes that technology in the classroom should be used in ways that are appropriate for the age of the children. The FasTracKids learning system meets the needs of our digital learners by creating curriculum intentionally for the interactive white board, or the FasTrack® Learning Station. Students are actively engaged as they see images and videos, hear sounds and conversation and interact with learning games and activities. Their learning is enhanced by the use of technology as it creates a multi-sensory learning environment.

Through the use of our proprietary method called Educational Zig-ZaggingSM, young learners are engaged with digital media, but also have the social collaboration and social interaction that is imperative for true learning. Our learning method gives students the repetition they need to retain knowledge combined with dynamic interactions that create excitement for learning. FasTracKids teachers facilitate activities that support and deepen each student’s learning.

FasTrack Learning StationFasTracKids is the only learning system geared towards young learners that is purposely designed to maximize the use of the interactive white board reflecting their digitized learning style, while maintaining developmentally appropriate standards for young learners.