FasTrack Robotics

icon-logo  Few educational conversations can be had without including the words robotics, computing and programming. In order to solve the “skills gap” between the number of technology jobs and the people qualified to fill them we must engage children in scientific examination early.
image3According to Computerworld, in just a few years, there will be a shortage of 300,000 digitally skilled workers in the city of London; what does that number look like worldwide? Digital literacy will be hugely beneficial in a world where technology is being embedded deeper and deeper into our everyday lives.

FasTrack Robotics, designed for children ages 4 to 8, is the fun way to introduce young children to the world of engineering, programming and computational thinking. Built with Cubelets, smart building blocks each with special skills, this program gives children hands on experiences with challenging problem solving activities. By introducing children to this unique learning opportunity at an early age FasTrack Robotics helps them thrive in a future where they are not just passive technology users, but inventors and innovators.image4

Here they will:

• Find solutions by analyzing challenges
• Understand the interrelationship between machines and the world
• Make connections between information and technology
• Design and create machines to meet challenges



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