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The language of numbers is spoken everywhere, let FasTracKids® teach your child how to speak it! Math can be one of the most difficult subjects that students must learn. Concepts continuously build upon one another while new skills are being developed. FasTrack® Math covers the spectrum of basic concepts to more advanced equations for ages 2-12.

FasTrack Math has more than 294 workbooks that are divided into 9 levels with over 2,000 specific learning objectives. An individualized study program is created for each student based on their performance on a comprehensive computer analyzed diagnostic test. This evaluation determines the student’s weakness, strengths and creates an individualized learning schedule.

All learning goals and concepts are laid out in a simple, straightforward format with detailed illustrations and graphs. FasTrack Math makes it easy for students to study by themselves, while teachers check student progress to review any areas with which the student had difficulty. Each objective transfers to the next level, allowing students to recall previously learned concepts to be reinforced. Children can enroll for accelerated programs or remedial support.