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FasTrack Advanced Explorers Children ImageThe elite version of the FasTrack® Explorers program seamlessly adds FasTrack® Math to a fun, diverse curriculum. A multi-day “adventure” for children 2-4 years old that includes a blend of hands-on activities, communication, public speaking skills and a workbook method for math. Students “explore” for 3 1/2 hours a day, 5 days a week for 44 weeks.

FasTrack® Advanced Explorers focuses on the development of creativity, communication, confidence, critical thinking and collaboration skills through an exciting, teacher led interactive program. Part of the program strengthens mathematical skills in young learners, providing a solid foundation for future academic growth. Math workbooks create a more intentional approach in strengthening those skills. By adding one workbook a month, students navigate the foundational pieces of numeracy along with support materials to learn while at home.

FasTrack Advanced Explorers Girl ImageWith up to 10 different activities during a day, FasTrack Advanced Explorers students are exposed to Educational Zigzagging℠. This method allows children to gather information through exposure to visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning, meeting the needs of various learning styles. Elements that can be found in the FasTrack Advanced Explorers program include: Welcome Time (transistion and socialization), Welcome Circle (creative expression) FasTrack Learning Station® (science and creativity), Snack Time (socialization), Movement (gross motor skills), Academic Stations (language, literacy and math), Music Time (FasTrack Music), Creative Time (culture and art), Mathematics (workbook based) and Closing Circle (creative expression).